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Bluescape Launches Popsync for Collaborative Image Search Experience

In partnership with Getty Images, Popsync enables rapid image search, organization, and curation to accelerate creative processes.
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Mon Jan 31 2022 — Megan Ranger
The team behind the highly-anticipated short film uses Bluescape to streamline pre-production and collaborate more effectively across departments.
future of meetings
Mon Jan 24 2022 — Megan Ranger
Here are the top tips and high-quality insights to make the most of your meetings when working with a hybrid team in 2022 and beyond.
bluescape shogun case study
Mon Jan 10 2022 — Megan Ranger
Learn how writers of the hit TV show The Blacklist digitize their creative process and create a virtual writer's room with Bluescape.
powerpoint alternatives
Mon Dec 20 2021 — Megan Ranger
Here are the top PowerPoint alternatives to help your team deliver the most effective and impactful presentation possible.
online whiteboarding best practices
Mon Dec 13 2021 — Megan Ranger
Learn how online whiteboarding tools can help streamline your collaborative brainstorms and reduce the back and forth of the iteration process.

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