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We’ll work with you, before and after the sale, to ensure customer success. We designed our Partner Programs to be flexible, to help you choose the best options for your business needs. We work closely with you, bringing together the hardware, software, and services to create solutions for your customers.


The future of work will be fluid, consisting of hybrid workforces and work environments spanning offices and remote locations. Create customized and scalable solutions for your customers with Bluescape.


Package a complete solution that fits your customer’s requirements. Deploy on-premises or in a public or private cloud managed by you, Bluescape, or your customer.


Customize Bluescape and integrate your customer’s third-party applications and services with our APIs.

Partners Programs

Choose the tier that’s right for you


The Bluescape Cobalt Partner Program rewards referral partners that generate opportunities by recommending Bluescape to their respective clients and prospects. A Bluescape Cobalt Partner can expect the following support and alignment with the Bluescape Partner Team:

  • Access to customer engagement and marketing materials and the Bluescape University online portal to educate and attract prospects.

  • Bluescape Partner Portal access for deal registration, tracking, and incentive monitoring.

  • Partnership awareness in Bluescape driven customer/prospect outreach and promotions.

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The Bluescape Sky Partner Program enables and rewards value-added resellers and system integrators. Partners benefit from adding a flexible and scalable collaboration solution to your portfolio to grow your business and satisfy your customers. In addition to Cobalt level support, partners can expect the following support and alignment from Bluescape:

  • Dedicated Bluescape Partner Manager to develop, enable, and support customer engagements and alignment with Bluescape Account Managers.

  • Joint marketing program to create market awareness and lead generation for the partner’s solutions and services with Bluescape.

  • Partner training and certification program aligned to engagement and/or partner services like custom integrations utilizing Bluescape APIs or Bluescape Service deployments in any modern cloud environment (including on-premises).

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The Bluescape Steel Partner Program is for integrators and service providers that deploy and manage customers' collaboration solutions. Partners benefit from a device and infrastructure agnostic solution that is tailored to customer needs and leverages partner expertise. In addition to Sky level support, partners can expect the following from Bluescape:

  • Dedicated Bluescape and partner go-to-market plan and regular alignment with Bluescape strategy and roadmap direction.

  • Advanced promotions of partner solutions and services through Bluescape awareness and outreach programs to facilitate full end-to-end solution and services growth for partners.

  • Partner training and certification for support of Bluescape services managed by the partner.

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The Bluescape Sapphire Partner Program is designed for technology partnerships and provides a framework to support customized relationships between Bluescape and the partner. A Bluescape Sapphire Partner is strategic in nature and is offered by invitation only.

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Develop your skills and capabilities through certificate programs

Bluescape Certified Trainer

For partner technical sales professionals. This learning path arms sellers to understand how to educate and enable customers to get the most out of Bluescape in order to drive adoption and scale.

Bluescape Certified Deployer

For technical and DevOps professionals. This learning path provides a guided curriculum for deploying Bluescape on any modern cloud environment including those provided by our Sapphire Technology Partners.

Bluescape Certified Developer

For developers who will use our APIs to add applications on top of, or connected to, the Bluescape platform.  This learning path provides curriculum-driven Bluescape API training, best practices, and resources to support customer integrations.

Join our partners in the program that suits your business

Partnerships enhance collaboration

Bluescape works closely with our partners, bringing together technology and expertise to create robust, reliable solutions that deliver unique value to our customers.