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Operations Centers

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Limitless collaboration

Accommodates both large groups of real-time contributors and their most complex projects.


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SAFe templates


Stand-up secure, virtual operations centers.

Access from any device—laptops, mobile devices, and in-room displays—for mission-critical tasks:

  • Threat modeling, assessment and remediation
  • Crisis team management
  • Collaborating with IR consultants and partners
  • Decision-making responsibilities and hierarchy
  • Establishing internal and external communications
  • Detailed action plans
  • Real-time workflows and tracking
  • Content repository during operations/content archive for audibility later



  • Situational awareness

SAFe Templates

As a partner of Scaled Agile, Inc., Bluescape offers ready-made SAFe templates to drop right into your workspace for easy implementation.

SAFe 2020 Vision Prioritization
SAFe Actions for Retrospective
SAFe Agile Team Charter
SAFE Agile Team Charter_ Identify Key Stakeholders
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SAFe 2020 Vision Prioritization

20/20 Vision Prioritization

The 20/20 Vision Prioritization template helps your team surface and discuss work to be done, and rank the importance or priority of each item relative to the other ideas presented.

SAFe Actions for Retrospective

Actions for Retrospective

The Actions Retrospective format helps surface the less obvious improvement items from a team.

SAFe Agile Team Charter: Agree on Team Events

Agree on Team Events

Agile Team Charter

The Agree on Team Events helps the team reach agreement on event time, location, and duration, including backup plans for when events cannot be in person.

SAFE Agile Team Charter: Identify Key Stakeholders

Identify Key Stakeholders

Agile Team Charter

The Identify Key Stakeholders template helps the team identify key stakeholders based on their level of interest and level of influence.


John Smith

Director of Marketing

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John Smith

Director of Marketing

Fashion axe raw denim art party quinoa banh mi single-origin coffee. Flannel unicorn palo santo, seitan pabst art party knausgaard brooklyn meh cardigan vinyl tote bag thundercats glossier.


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Accelerate decisions and crisis response

Overcome distance and information silos by colocating critical content and data in a shared visual workspace.

  • Integrate all essential decision factors, from documents and imagery to live data and video feeds.
  • Consolidate mission-critical information and help teams decide, align, and move faster.
  • With live content, monitor social media, news, and status of field teams at a glance. 

Improve interoperability across distributed teams

Enable a coordinated approach to safely sharing intelligence for greater interoperability across agencies, law enforcement communities, and foreign governments.

  • Distributed teams collaborate in real-time or asynchronously to plan, execute, and analyze missions from anywhere, on any device.
  • Bluescape scales with the size of your joint operations centers, analysis cells, and planning cells, and integrates with enterprise tools you're already using to communicate and get work done.
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2024 Government Agility Report

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SAFe Government Agility Report 2024

Wanted: A catalyst for faster response

You may not know when a crisis is coming, but you can prepare for secure, visual collaboration with Bluescape. Effective response requires real-time access to data and intelligence.

Crisis management has a new hero.

In this eBook, you will learn how to use Bluescape to:

  • Visualize threats or challenges
  • Gather resources
  • Make confident decisions
  • Coordinate actions
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Crisis Mgmt eBook 3-1


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