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Connect Project, Agile, Conference, Storage Tools

Bluescape easily integrates with your favorite applications to streamline your workflows.

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Featured Integrations

In addition to our built-in integrations, our API includes ready-to-use frameworks to enable integrations with all your favorite enterprise tools.


Air-Gapped Collaboration Suite

Pexip + Rocket.Chat + Bluescape have teamed up as a suite of air-gapped collaboration tools for secure mission-critical communications.

Watch the webinar to learn how to:

  • Empower your ground operators to exchange classified information securely
  • Streamline chats, meetings, projects, and whiteboarding in one unified environment
  • Amp up the efficiency of your defense communication with our joint offering








Bring Bluescape and Box together and save time preparing for meetings. Quickly find and organize those important files that are easily hidden in messy folders and messaging threads. Easily find and share the critical works in progress that you're actively collaborating on right now.



  • Microsoft Teams
  • OneDrive
  • Microsoft 365 (commercial)
  • Microsoft 365 GCC
  • Microsoft GCC-H
  • Microsoft 365 DoD
  • Microsoft 365 Secret



Webex by Cisco

Your video calls are now part of the workspace. Communicate with your team as you present and review content. Collaborate as a team without jumping across applications. Our Webex integration provides a superior experience to screen sharing for discussing and interacting with your work.

Integrations Webex


Bluescape makes it easy to discuss and review content from Shotgrid. Share assets and playlists to your workspace and automated layout tools will intelligently organize your work for you. Creative teams can now view multiple versions at one time, in high resolution, or compare and reference assets in real-time inside a secure, persistent environment.

Integrations Shotgrid

Increase connection across teams and applications

  • Simplify your tasks and workflows
  • Bring your work and tools into the workspace
  • Build your own integrations with our API
UI Integrations with Documents

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The Bluescape platform is the most advanced secure collaboration solution built for the unique security needs of the defense and intelligence communities. Contact our sales team for a demo and custom quote.

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