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How a Leading Hollywood Advertising Agency Breaks Down Cross-Department Barriers

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Learn how the Concept Arts team created a uniform workflow within their Bluescape workspace using templates and canvases to stay organized, accountable, and aligned while working remotely.  

About Concept Arts

Concept Arts started as a small London-based print agency in 1972. Since then, the company has grown into a Hollywood-based agency credited for some of the most iconic campaigns in entertainment advertising, including Top Gun, Elvis, Jurassic World: Dominion, and The Batman. Concept Arts thrives on challenges and builds momentum for their client's projects with thoughtful, integrated, and highly successful print, A/V, digital, and social campaigns. 


When the pandemic shut down production in Hollywood, the industry was forced to meet the challenge with gusto. Concept Arts, a marketing agency with a finger on the pulse of the movie industry, was no exception.  

Concept Arts has multiple departments that need to work in tandem to deliver eye-catching campaigns at breakneck speed. These departments manage relationships with studios, creatives, marketing, and more. When meeting in person was no longer an option, the Concept Arts team sought a solution that enabled them to collaborate as though they were working in the same room.  

"We're in a creative industry, which is unpredictable by nature," explained Eli Cohen, Executive Creative Director - Print. "There's a lot of deadlines, shifting of priorities, timelines, and assets to manage. Having one place to manage all of the moving parts is crucial."


The Concept Arts team created a uniform workflow within their Bluescape workspace using templates and canvases to stay organized, accountable, and aligned while working remotely.  

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 "We worked with the Bluescape team to get familiar with the platform," said Kristen Kamei, Senior Account Director. "Pre-pandemic, we had a Bluescape screen in our office. Our workflow nicely transitioned into a hybrid model. We've always used Bluescape as a virtual pinboard where people can save their ideas and work in progress. When we'd have group meetings, we could all walk through together and see the same thing like we were in the same room." 

"We use Bluescape on every job to put together creative briefs and have all our notes organized and visual reference for any art we're revising," continued Kristen. Only the team members working on the project have access. It made our creative process way more collaborative to see other team members' work and hear their thoughts throughout the development process, versus working in a silo. It gives a lot of visibility into projects, whether you’re addressing notes or on a call with a client. During the pandemic, we used it to organize materials so that they're easier to view. 

Having a unified, collaborative workspace for their hybrid team shaves hours off of the creative review process and provides a chronological view of version histories, which makes it easy to look back on prior stages of projects and deliverables.  


"Bluescape makes my job so much easier because all of the information we need is in one workspace," said Ella Patrick, Account Manager at Concept Arts. "All project materials are in the workspace for easy access. We can easily scroll back through comps and versions. Before it was a mess to go back and find things in the middle of calls. Bluescape helps us keep everything in one place." 

"Bluescape makes communication so much easier," said Eli. "It's the only solution that lets me review someone's work with them and give them a reference, draw edits, and add notes at the same time. For me, it replicates a conference room because we're so used to pinning stuff up to the wall in the room."

"Bluescape is our conference room." 

With Bluescape, the Concept Arts teams are able to save time spent on digging up materials and capturing client feedback without foraging through inboxes and chat threads.  

"The first time I saw Bluescape, I immediately realized the scope of what we could do with it," said Tyler McClain, Copywriter. "We can see everything all at once. We can easily and quickly reorganize things based on the 1000 ft view of the project." 

The Concept Arts team continues to trust Bluescape as the centralized hub for all of their campaign materials and collaboration sessions while working in a hybrid model.