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Agile development solution brief
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Agile Development: Sprint Toward Mission Outcomes

Secure for federal agencies, Bluescape is a virtual workspace that allows dispersed Agile teams to plan and perform like they are all in the same room. Bluescape drives efficiency and productivity—from program increment planning through project delivery.

Header image for Air Force solution brief
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Air Force Brief: Accelerate Decisions with Command-Level Visualization

Operational complexity continues to increase for Air Force missions, as well as the data and collaboration required in every plan and action. Effective response requires a single pane of glass solution that can pull multiple data sources into command processes.

Header Image for Army Solution Brief
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Army Brief: Bring the Team to the Decision Point

Technology has vastly increased the knowledge and data available for mission work. At the same time, the pace of operations has intensified. Effective response requires a single pane of glass solution that can pull multiple data sources into command processes.

Navy Solution Brief Header
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Navy Brief: A New View for Navy Missions

The U.S. Navy’s global forward presence involves increasingly complex and dynamic real-time scenarios, combined with growing volumes of intelligence and data. Operational coordination requires the secure exchange of information with other team members or groups.

Analyst reports

Image Search Is Still a Pain: 2022 Study

Searching for the right image is one of the most tedious experiences a creative can have. What can be done?

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Partner Program Benefits and Requirements

A full set of benefits and requirements for public sector partners is available in this download.

Bluescape for Government overview solution brief
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Bluescape for Government

Bluescape is a FedRAMP Moderate+ online whiteboard solution designed to support information sharing, data analysis, and visual planning. Improve brainstorming, planning, and decision-making with our visual workspaces that provide an agile and secure environment to keep geographically distributed teams on the same page.

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4 Insider Tips for Using Bluescape

Learn how to master the Bluescape basics to bring your ideas to life (plus some user-favorite Easter eggs!)


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