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Crisis Management Has a New Hero

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When a crisis hits your organization, seconds count. The key to crafting an effective response is real-time access to data and the latest intelligence to help your teams visualize challenges, gather and organize resources, coordinate action, and make informed decisions.    

Teams need a modern-day version of a big whiteboard in a command center so they can establish a single source of truth to plan, coordinate, and carry out an effective crisis management response. 

Bluescape is that solution.  

As a virtual workspace solution, Bluescape was purpose-built for information sharing, visual planning and organization, and live and asynchronous collaboration. Bluescape’s 360-degree visibility allows decision-makers to see the big picture while teams dive deep into the details—regardless of location. 

As a virtual operations center and workspace, the Bluescape platform permits everyone to add ideas, intelligence, and efforts to the board for all to see. Within moments, a common operating picture takes shape―providing the shared consciousness needed to drive success under pressure. 

The Bluescape Virtual Ops Center 

Unlike bulky, piecemeal video conferencing and file-sharing solutions, Bluescape can be used to stand up a virtual Ops Center in minutes, with the specific response parameters and level of security needed. The Bluescape platform can be used for: 

  • War rooms or operation centers 

  • Situational awareness 

  • Threat modeling, assessment and remediation 

  • Crisis team management 

  • Collaborating with IR consultants and partners 

  • Decision-making responsibilities and hierarchy 

  • Establishing internal and external communications 

  • Detailed action plans 

  • Real-time workflows and tracking 

  • Content repository during operations/content archive for audibility later 

Use Bluescape to Pool Intelligence 

Crisis management requires a centralized system for managing and leveraging knowledge, content, and data. Bluescape allows participants to drag and drop images, graphics, videos, and documents into a shared workspace. And add files directly from Google Drive, DropBox, One Drive, and other file storage services with just the click of a button.  Bluescape APIs enable operations centers to call up data from any environment, consolidating resources from multiple sources into a single view so teams can better understand, organize, and fuse intelligence. 

  • Top-line organization with drill-down details 

  • Live content 

  • Upload and share files 

  • Scheduling and planning 

  • Bring work and tools into the workspace 

  • Build integrations with our API, including outside apps, AI/ML, and data feeds 

Crisis Management Never Sleeps 

The time to prepare for a crisis is before one hits. Download the Crisis Management eBook to explore the key components of a robust crisis management plan and how Bluescape can be leveraged for seamless communication.