Secure virtual operations centers

Unite mission partners with visual collaboration authorized to operate at FedRAMP Moderate and by the U.S. DoD at IL4/IL5 for CUI data.

Improve interoperability across distributed teams 

Enable a coordinated approach to safely sharing intelligence for greater interoperability across agencies, law enforcement communities, and foreign governments.

  • Distributed teams collaborate in real-time or asynchronously to plan, execute, and analyze missions from anywhere, on any device.

  • Bluescape scales with the size of your joint operations centers, analysis cells, and planning cells, and integrates with enterprise tools you're already using to communicate and get work done.

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Strengthen situational awareness

Visualizing the totality of a situation builds shared understanding and team alignment. Bluescape enables a birds-eye view where intel analysts can both locate and storyboard data quickly and simultaneously for streamlined situational awareness.

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FedRAMP auth for public sector

Accelerate decisions and crisis response

Overcome distance and information silos by colocating critical content and data in a shared visual workspace.

  • Integrate all essential decision factors, from documents and imagery to live data and video feeds.

  • Consolidate mission-critical information and help teams decide, align, and move faster.

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Not only is Bluescape cutting-edge technology itself, but it also provides a solution upon which other types of information, including controlled unclassified information, can be viewed and analyzed in one visual, interactive experience."
— Tyler Laverick
CEO, Bridge Core
Illustration - General - Portrait & logo Tyler Laverick, Bridge Core

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The Bluescape platform is the most advanced secure online whiteboard solution built for the unique security needs of the Federal Government.