The Blacklist

Check out how Bluescape helps in creating the suspense and intrigue of "The Blacklist", the hit TV series, with a digital writer's room.

The Challenge

Writing for TV is a highly collaborative process that usually requires being in-room with a team. But when Jon Bokencamp, creator and executive producer of NBC’s crime drama, “The Blacklist”, moved from California back to his home state of Nebraska, he realized that video conferencing wasn’t going to cut it as a proxy for bouncing ideas off each other in a physical writer’s room. He needed a solution that would enable him not only to see the people, but also the story everyone was working on.


The Solution

“That’s when I found Bluescape,” said Bokenkamp. “Bluescape is the next best thing to being there in person. It puts me in the room in a way that lets me see and understand the tone of what’s happening and how ideas are received, and it lets me interact in real time as the story takes shape.” “The Blacklist” writing team uses Bluescape to create and organize notecards that map to the series’ six-act structure. Rather than relying on a static whiteboard, the team can now write, update, and move these notecards around in real time on the digital workspace as they flush out the storyline.

“More than anything, it was a culture change for my team. The black marker and whiteboard are staples of any writers’ room. Letting go of that tradition was more difficult than learning how to use the Bluescape technology. If you can tweet or log in to social media, you can quickly ramp up in Bluescape.”

Jon Bokenkamp

Creator and Executive Producer, “The Blacklist”

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