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Bluescape’s Virtual Workspace Available with Rocket.Chat

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The collaboration suite for mission-critical operations

Bluescape has partnered with Rocket.Chat, the trusted defense communication platform, to offer a combined solution that elegantly navigates today’s complex communication barriers for secure and unified defense operations. The partnership addresses the very real cybersecurity concerns for defense teams who find themselves increasingly using digital technologies, yet are in the crosshairs of bad actors looking to intercept or disrupt battlefield operations.

By enhancing communication and collaboration securely with end-to-end encryption (E2EE), the combined solution operates as a centralized, virtual workspace for mission-critical information sharing, visual planning and organization, and live and asynchronous collaboration. It enables teams to conduct planning sessions and real-time operational center activities on a canvas that can be securely accessed from any device, at any time, from any location while restricting access to sensitive information with role-based access controls.

Adding Rocket.Chat capabilities to Bluescape for enhanced communication functionality enables personnel to communicate privately, share and manage mission-critical information, and collaborate in real-time while protecting intelligence from unauthorized access, interception, and tampering. The partnership will help defense and other federal agencies eliminate information gaps, miscommunications and delays. 

Bluescape + Rocket.Chat recreates the convenience and confidence of whiteboards and meeting in person within a war room—using technology and advanced encryption to bridge divides and limitations. The solution is excellent for situational awareness, offering a virtual workspace that provides 360-degree visibility with extensive file-sharing support, including hi-res images and video streams, for improved response times and efficient decision-making.

Users can add the Bluescape plugin for Rocket.Chat directly from the Rocket.Chat Marketplace or by contacting Bluescape. Visit Bluescape Community for full installation instructions.

The Bluescape + Rocket.Chat platform was recently featured in a webinar demonstration. Watch the recording to learn how to:

  • Empower your ground operators to exchange classified information securely
  • Streamline chats, meetings, projects, and whiteboarding in one unified environment
  • Amp up the efficiency of your defense communication with our joint offering