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How Bridge Core Uses Bluescape for Secure Visual Collaboration

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The government faces some of the same issues many businesses grapple with on a daily basis. To add an additional layer of conflict, many solutions fail to offer a holistic picture of what has been done and what needs to be done to achieve overarching goals.

The concept of “Visual Intelligence” was born through these common needs:

  • Keeping up with the pace of technological change and effectively leveraging cutting edge innovations
  • Consuming, analyzing, and synthesizing large amounts of data into actionable intelligence
  • Creating a real-time common operating picture

About Bridge Core

Bridge Core (BCore) was founded out of the urgency to build secure, tailored solutions to address the Federal Government’s top mission needs. BCore bridges the gap between industry and federal, between disparate data silos and integrated visual solutions. 

Bridge Core leverages innovative technology and proven adoption techniques to change how the government works on a day-to-day basis. BCore has the desire to “live the mission” in support of the national defense, revolutionizing processes within the Federal Government. The results have been nothing less than transformational.

How Bluescape Helps BCore Customers Make Faster Decisions

In 2015, Bridge Core partnered with Bluescape to enable government leaders to share and collaborate on information and rapidly make decisions in a digital environment. Bluescape enables BCore customers to create their own unique work environment to fit their needs. Customers are able to visually determine what they need and build out their workspace from there.

Bluescape also became a platform for other technologies they use, providing a solution upon which varying types of information from niche tools can be viewed and analyzed in one interactive space. It serves as an infinite platform that can function as a virtual war room, conference room, or ops center.

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Bluescape creates a common operating picture to immediately track the details of events that required the swift action of government personnel. It provides the real-time capability and universal access required to address the strategic questions of executives (as well as the tactical questions of the division management).

“I can quickly view the day’s priorities, sign off on required actions, and prep for meetings.”
- Tyler Laverick, Co-Founder and CEO of Bridge Core

Government managers know they need to have their portfolio available at all times to demonstrate the value of their organization to maintain (and increase) their budgets. Bluescape serves as the platform to provide these briefings to government executives. The smooth transitions across documents, videos, and images make Bluescape the preferred briefing tool within forward-thinking offices.

Bluescape provides a content-rich platform to support the need to share information asynchronously. The Bluescape canvas serves as a common area in which everyone could share or view content and make edits that all could see. Decision-makers and product development teams improve global communication and problem-solving efforts with partners and executives worldwide.

How BCore Leveraged Bluescape to Tackle Their Response to COVID-19

When COVID-19 began to impact government operations in March 2020, a government office of medical support needed an immediate action plan to track and report the novel coronavirus across the workforce. The resulting plan was briefed to the medical director’s office within 30 minutes, which is obviously a tight turnaround for such a massive-scale problem. 

The collaborative capabilities of Bluescape allowed a design/plan to be edited by participating nurses and doctors in real-time. The team coordinated the results from multiple locations, met the tight deadline, and delivered the brief – all within the same Bluescape workspace.

There is no other enterprise-level, secure application that could have provided the flexibility and real-time collaboration capabilities needed to accomplish this massive task in such a short amount of time. 


Bluescape gives BCore customers the data they need, exactly when they need it within their secure digital workspace. The collaborative platform proves itself time and time again to be customizable enough to work best for individuals as they relate to their teams.

Bluescape empowers BCore customers to be creative and show their work as it best suits them; the information communicated is what counts above all else. In the instance mentioned above, the team was able to get on the same page quickly without needing to follow the pre-established guidelines of other monolithic applications. Presentations in Bluescape use slides, photos, professional PDFs, and even handwritten notes, which enabled the team to analyze critical information more quickly to make faster decisions.

Remote security is pivotal in a post-COVID workforce, which is why teams of all sizes seek out solutions like Bluescape. It paves the way for the next phase in visual and interactive interfaces and fits in seamlessly anywhere people meet, discuss, and present.

A flexible workspace is crucial to business and government missions alike. This is why Bluescape refuses to be a niche product tailored for one particular use case.