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A New Sun Rises for Sunsetting Mezzanine Customers

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Technology moves fast. State-of-the-art today can be outdated in a matter of months. The pace is exciting for tech adopters, where new upgrades represent new opportunities.  
For those buying tech, keeping up with the latest and greatest sounds expensive. What happens when a much-used and appreciated technology sunsets and customers must make a move? Advanced, app-based solutions offer the latest advances—continuously.  
For current and former customers of Mezzanine looking to continue using their secure collaboration rooms and move beyond them, Bluescape is a new tech option that expands capabilities without compromising security.  

The mission hasn’t changed. The tools have. 

Federal missions continue, yet the operational landscape has changed. For many, the pace has intensified, data has ramped up, and teams are on the move. New capabilities are needed to keep efforts focused and everyone informed. Aging hardware and a room-centric solution don’t meet today’s collaborative needs.
Bluescape is now a top choice for Mezzanine customers as the product sunsets. 
Bluescape was designed to move beyond the room to provide secure communication channels for plug-and-play presentation and content-sharing capabilities. Bluescape is a robust solution that allows cross-functional and dispersed teams to work like they’re in the same room, even when they’re not. 

Benefits of the Bluescape platform 

Bluescape provides Federal teams with secure, virtual workspaces to visualize and leverage mission knowledge, content, and data. The platform offers significant benefits to Mezzanine users, including: 
  • More space to work. Bluescape offers an unlimited, persistent virtual canvas. Collaborate, share, present, and organize content in persistent workspaces that can be accessed at any time from any device. 
  • More capabilities. Remote participants can be full contributors with Bluescape. With built-in APIs, teams can use their favorite tools and call up data from any environment. A template library helps accelerate adoption with point-and-click simplicity. 
  • More ways to share. Bluescape supports video ingest to enable hard-wired screen sharing in-room and from remote participants. It also supports screen sharing of multiple screens, windows, or tabs simultaneously, including from the same user. 
  • More connections. Moving beyond the room, Bluescape allows participants to work together or asynchronously and to open and switch between multiple workspaces without impacting the room experience. 
  • More security. Bluescape can be deployed according to your mission’s security requirements, whether in private clouds, on-premises, or air-gapped environments. The platform is FedRAMP Moderate+ DISA IL4 with Authority to Operate in AWS GovCloud, U.S. NAVSEA Authority to Operate at IL4/IL5 for CUI, and Top-secret, Level B certification in the Intelligence Community. 

Unlimited use cases 

With live, streaming video that supports up to four screens being shared simultaneously and the ability to work in multiple workspaces, Bluescape blows the walls off the conference room to allow teams to meet and work dynamically. The use cases are nearly limitless, from coordinating cross-functional teams and
mission planning to Agile sprints and data analytics. Bluescape is ideal for:  
  • Collaboration and planning across geographically dispersed teams or multiple organizations 
  • Secure and timely information sharing and knowledge building 
  • Situational Awareness
    Real-time responsiveness to emerging situations 
  • Visualization of multiple and disparate data streams, formats, and analysis  
  • Connectivity and access to information beyond meetings 
  • Information gathering for complex decision-making 
As Mezzanine sunsets, Bluescape offers a bright new outlook. A demo in your facility can show your users what’s possible. Schedule a demo to learn more about Bluescape for the Federal government.