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Bluescape is a complete platform with the tools remote and hybrid teams need to be productive from anywhere.

Bluescape Hybrid Work ToolBluescape Hybrid Work Tool

Bluescape features span communications, content sharing, and collaboration.

  • Collaborate in real-time or asynchronously
  • Create and share content from anywhere on any device
  • Connect physical rooms and remote participants

Supercharging visual collaboration

Bluescape empowers distributed teams to work as effectively as they do in person.

Infinite Canvas

Create, share, and collaborate on your work in secure, virtual workspaces from any device, anywhere.

Online Whiteboard

Unleash your creativity and visualize your ideas with sticky notes and drawing and diagramming tools.

Rich Content Sharing

Upload documents, graphics, photos, and videos, or share web pages and links from cloud storage providers.

Canvases and Templates

Organize your content with canvases. Customize or create your own templates to visualize workflows.

Video Conferencing

Schedule or start instant meetings in Bluescape or use Zoom and Webex to virtually connect with your team.

Present and Review

Deliver full-screen presentations and add annotations, sticky notes, and comments to share feedback.

Unique Features of Bluescape

Upload videos and sync playback

Share videos in pixel perfect quality and experience image fidelity and frame accuracy that is far superior and more reliable than streaming video.

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Deploy anywhere with flexible options

Bluescape can be deployed on a public cloud, a private instance, or on-premises in a customer or partner managed environment. Supported platforms include Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

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