Bluescape achieves full FedRAMP+ IL4 Mission Agility
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Mission Agility Meets FedRAMP


Ideas don’t happen in a vacuum. Often they are the result of collaboration, infused with the energy that comes from teams talking and working together. But getting a team on the same page can be difficult for federal agencies challenged by geographic division, multiple time zones, and remote and hybrid work. Secure online whiteboarding and real-time situational awareness offer an innovative solution that’s the next best thing to being in the same room.

According to a Federal News Network survey from 2022, approximately 60 percent of the more than two million federal employees and four million contractors in active government service work in a hybrid environment, and 33 percent work entirely remotely. Though the pivot to get there (in the midst of a pandemic) was challenging, agencies have embraced this new normal. The push now is to identify an optimized, best-practice way for teams to collaborate securely in real time.

Bluescape has emerged as the innovative answer. The platform can be used by any team needing a modern collaboration solution, regardless of the mission. That includes federal agencies, DoD and intel units, contractors or mixed teams, and software and engineering teams to improve agility, coordination, and outcomes.

Bluescape is the solution for:

Agile workstreams. The online whiteboarding and data-sharing space help teams align their efforts for mission alignment, sprints, or proposal developments. Customizable workflows, tasks, processes, and online whiteboarding deliver the kind of efficiency that usually comes from being in the same room – with the cost of real estate or travel. To truly connect everyone, Bluescape can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

Situational awareness. Federal teams have the kind of missions that require monitoring and responding in real-time. Bluescape’s 360-degree visibility allows teams to see the big picture and dive deep into the details when needed. Collaboration and connection power faster, smarter decision-making and information sharing both in real-time and asynchronously.

Defense-grade security. Built for the unique needs of federal organizations, Bluescape is FedRAMP Moderate+ DISA IL4 and fully compliant with NIST 800-171, the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, and Microsoft 365 Government Community Cloud High. It’s also certified for GDPR, ISO27001, and Full Top Secret ATO, Level B in the intelligence community. Bluescape can be deployed to the cloud, on-premises, and in air-gapped environments.

Data on demand. Modern missions require information and tools at the ready. Bluescape offers teams a visual and interactive environment to share and analyze information. Bluescape offers API integration with other tools of choice to analyze, integrate, or create, so data and insights are available for decisions and action.

With secure, virtual workspaces and centralizing mission-critical data on a single pane of glass, government teams have a common operating picture for to drive faster, smarter decision-making. Remote and dispersed federal and defense agency teams can use Bluescape to brainstorm, collaborate, and communicate as seamlessly and effectively as they would in an office environment.

Learn more about Bluescape‘s new FedRAMP authorization here.

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