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Finding that perfect image or inspiration is easier than ever. Instantly bring amazing content from Getty Images, Unsplash, Google, and more into your Bluescape workspaces.
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Secure visual collaboration 

Bluescape is more than an online whiteboard. It’s a secure virtual workspace for creative ideas to grow and thrive. 

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Bluescape for creative teams

Hybrid work

Work better together, from anywhere. With built-in voice and video meetings, online whiteboarding, and advanced content sharing tools, Bluescape is the next best thing to collaborating in the same room.

Creative and design reviews

Speed up approvals with real-time and asynchronous feedback. Markup, annotate, and comment to get teams on the same page.



Stop sharing your screen and present your work in Bluescape. Show off your images, designs and videos in the way they were meant to be seen – without compromising quality.

Brainstorms and workshops

Brainstorms and workshops

The best ideas can truly come from anywhere. Meet with your team in Bluescape and organize ideas and actions with drawing tools, sticky notes, and templates.

Bluescape for public sector

Decision making

Quickly achieve mission alignment—and strategic mission outcomes. Optimize incident response when time is of the essence, from Disaster Recovery to CyberOps to Medical Evacuations.

Agile practices

Optimize your workflow and processes using Bluescape. Templates help you plan and structure to keep your team headed in the right direction.

Situational awareness

Situational awareness

Stay on top of developing situations with virtual war rooms in Bluescape. Align intelligence across operators, regardless if they are in the same room or on opposite sides of the globe.

Online whiteboarding

Online whiteboarding

Unlock your team’s best thinking and power new levels of idea generation. Capture every insight, then iterate within a persistent visual workspace. Seamlessly connect in-person teams with remote personnel.

Meet and collaborate

Meet & collaborate

Better meetings. Stronger teams. 

Why settle for taking turns sharing screens when you can all interact in a collaborative canvas larger than any meeting room? Meet in Bluescape and enable productivity you can’t get on an average video call. Whether you are joining from your laptop, mobile device, or a video wall, anyone, anywhere, enjoys an engaging and productive meeting experience.  

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Online Whiteboard

Online whiteboard

An unlimited canvas for your imagination

Ideate, brainstorm, and share your vision with an online whiteboard accessible from anywhere. Organize your ideas by using diagramming tools and templates. Instantly share real-time feedback with emoji reactions. With a flexible virtual workspace, you can zoom in on key points or zoom out to share a birds-eye view of your projects. 

Rich content sharing

Content sharing

Pixel-perfect in every way 

Share content with confidence in Bluescape. Host high-resolution files, editable documents, video uploads, and limitless content. Zoom into images to see every detail. Conduct video reviews with frame-accurate synchronized playback. Avoid the image compression and video stutters of screen sharing that hinder your creative reviews.  

Best-in-class security

There’s no collaboration without trust

Safeguarding customer data is our top priority. Content watermarking, Common Access Card support, and integrations with Microsoft GCC and GCC High are just a few of the advanced security measures and practices that ensure data privacy and protection. Founded and based in the United States, your data is securely stored right here at home. 

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Bluescape is the next best thing to being there in person. It puts me in the room in a way that lets me see and understand the tone of what’s happening and how ideas are received.”
— John Bokenkamp
Creator of Sony Pictures’ “The Blacklist”

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