Secure Collaborative Workspace

Bluescape secure virtual workspaces unify your content and conversations in a shared, persistent space that can be accessed from any device or location. Dispersed teams can now work better together—and stay on the same page—no matter where they do their work.

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Faster Decision Making and Content Review

Bring your files from content collaboration platforms like Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, or OneDrive into Bluescape workspaces to see everything in one persistent space with your team, agency, or clients. Compare PDF and PowerPoint files, images, and more side-by-side for faster decision making and content review!

What Will I Use it For?

Bluescape powers a wide variety of mission-critical use cases—where it’s critical for dispersed teams to see the whole picture.

Create Faster. See How.

Bluescape lets you work the way you were always meant to—naturally, and without silos. Which means fewer missteps and greater business impact.

Infographic: The Secret to a Great Work Culture

Great company culture needs to be nurtured. In a time where employees are collaborating on projects more than ever before, technology needs to play a supporting role.