Secure visual collaboration for the enterprise

Whiteboard online, spend less time in meetings, send fewer emails, and throw out boring PowerPoint presentations with virtual workspaces.

Seize the big picture

Distributed teams need to visualize and collaborate with multiple pieces of content at once to get on the same page and accomplish complex work. Major motion picture studios, manufacturers, and learning institutions are improving productivity and decisions by making their brainstorms, documents, and data all available at a glance. Reduce project times by 50% and meeting times by 25%.

A virtual work platform

Cloud-based workspaces enable teams to work together like they are in the same room. From internal meetings to external presentations, training, and hiring, Bluescape brings everyone, and everything, together from anywhere.

Secure, scalable, and trusted

Federal agencies, Fortune 100 companies, and leaders in media and entertainment trust Bluescape with their most critical and sensitive content and projects. Customers can choose from multiple deployment options including public cloud, a virtual private instance, and on-premises to meet their security and architecture needs.

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Don’t settle for screen and file sharing

Bluescape delivers what video conferencing and enterprising messaging lack, an easy way for teams to gather around all of their work to see the big picture. Add workspaces to a Microsoft Teams channel, or host a Cisco Webex or Zoom meeting in your workspace to create a complete virtual setting for team communication, collaboration, and content sharing.

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More than an online whiteboard

Bluescape features advanced whiteboarding, presentation, and annotation capabilities to accommodate whatever needs the meeting demands. Upload and synchronize playback of videos, co-browse web content, collaborate on documents, video chat, and more in a secure, infinite, virtual workspace.

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We take pride in our valuable customers


As a group collaboration tool for a 30+ person design team, Bluescape makes it easy for us to share projects and information.

Mia Natsume

Graphic designer, Mazda


Tech has been a tool we use to accomplish a task. With Bluescape we are a partner and bond with the technology to teach at a distance.


Brad Ascalon

Co-Instructor, Penn

Integrate your most trusted tools

With a completely open ecosystem and APIs, it’s easy to add in the tools that work best for your company.

Cisco Webex and Zoom

Real-time video conferencing within Bluescape

Google Docs and Office 365

Easily add and collaborate on documents

Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive

Share files from the cloud

Microsoft Teams

Add Bluescape workspaces to your channels

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