Go beyond whiteboarding

Bluescape is a simple and secure solution to solve complex problems and be more agile. Create a common operating picture through virtual workspaces to bring teams and data together from anywhere.

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Create shared purpose through a common operating picture

Empower your dispersed teams to bring their best ideas from anywhere–and increase knowledge sharing, break down information silos, and accelerate mission outcomes.

Seamlessly connect in-person teams with remote personnel through secure virtual workspaces.

Keep teams on the same page with everything that matters, all in one place.

FedRAMP-certified, best-in-class security built for the public sector and mission partners.

Trusted by federal and corporate partners

Online whiteboarding

Brainstorm like you're in the same room

Enable creativity to happen whenever, wherever

Online whiteboarding in Bluescape powers new levels of idea generation across remote collaborators. Brainstorm and innovate in a hybrid manner with a full suite of easy-to-use tools to visualize, capture, and organize a team's collective thoughts, actions, and decisions.

Quickly assemble teams and their content

Solving problems and making decisions are more difficult when teams and information are widely distributed. Bring all your content and data together in a shared workspace and create a single source of truth to inspire and inform ideation sessions.

This collaborative workspace allows you to give mission critical folks the information at your fingertips because you’re in that shared workspace. This platform allows people to be wherever but collaborate in the same fashion they would if they were physically co-located."
— Kelly Miller
Executive Director, ManTech

Agile workstreams

Achieve new levels of agility for dispersed teams

Sprint towards mission outcomes

Bring faster innovation to your teams with a secure online workspace. Bluescape instantly connects personnel for scaled, agile events like virtual workshops and trainings—offering all the efficiency of being in the same room without any of the added cost.

We basically put all of our workshops and strategy sessions into Bluescape and that has been very well received... It really does knock down barriers."
— John Barnes
Director, Digital Strategy and Transformation, Peraton

Situational awareness

Make better mission decisions in real-time

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Monitor and respond instantaneously

Quickly achieve mission alignment—and strategic mission outcomes. Our 360-degree visibility allows you to see the big picture, powering faster, smarter collective decisions.


Proven defense-grade security

Security built for the unique needs of national security missions

Deploy Bluescape according to your mission’s security requirements, whether in private clouds, on-premises, or in air-gapped environments.

  • The most advanced online whiteboard backed with a DoD IL5 Authority to Operate (ATO) in AWS GovCloud

  • Fully compliant with NIST CSF, NIST 800-171 and FIPS 140-2, GDPR, ISO27001, and Top Secret in the intelligence community

  • Integration with Microsoft GCC and GCC High

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Not only is Bluescape cutting-edge technology itself, but it also provides a solution upon which other types of information, including controlled unclassified information, can be viewed and analyzed in one visual, interactive experience."
— Tyler Laverick
CEO, Bridge Core

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