Packed with productivity

Work together across the globe, or across the hall, or around a conference table, with the same ease and efficiency. Bluescape makes it easy to work with remote teams.

Keep track of everything in one place

Keep a record of everything that’s happened on a project—meetings, comments, decisions made, iterations and more—all in one place for easy reference and real-time situational intelligence.

Copy any canvas in 3 clicks

Easily copy anything to anywhere in your Bluescape workspace in just a couple of clicks.

  • BYO-UC (Bring your own unified communications tool)

    Whatever your like to use to conference, we’ll set it up for you so that you can use it easily within Bluescape.

  • Meet organically

    No passing the “share.” No need to change screens or views. Meetings in Bluescape work just like in-person conversations, with easy, intuitive back-and-forths.

  • Set up your own templates

    Want all your meetings, presentations or project spaces to follow a similar format? Templates are quick and simple to set up and use again and again and again.

Streamline reviews and approvals

When you’re all working in one virtual space together, there’s no need to “pass back and forth.” Sharing, commenting, discussions, and decisions happen faster and more organically.

Tie in your favorite tools

Salesforce reports, messaging tools, Google Drive, Adobe CC, Outlook, Box (just to name a few). Our library of easy-to-use APIs will get you up and running in no time.

  • Connect direct

    Keep the review process rolling with tagged comments delivered straight into your co-worker's inbox.

  • Don’t worry about running out of space

    With more real estate that you’ll ever need, your Bluescape workspace has unlimited cloud storage so it can handle all the creativity: files, comments, and whatever else you throw at it.

  • Pick a device, any device

    Desktop? Tablet? Phone? Large-format screen? Yes. Bluescape’s cross-device functionality works across all the devices you and your team use each day.

Enable efficient decision making in real time

When you need teams—across the globe or across the hall— to act based on the latest information, Bluescape’s persistent workspaces mean you’ll always have what you need.

Get everyone working in step

Just like a conference room, each person in a workspace can be actively working at the same time—and seeing the most recent updates from everyone else at the same time. Welcome to seamless virtual collaboration.

  • View live video and real-time content

    Everyone, everywhere working in a workspace sees the same up-to-the-minute files and content.

  • Centralize all types of content

    Videos, image files, product blueprints, text docs, comments, and more—put every piece of content involved together in a space that’s easy to organize and access.

The best way to see Bluescape’s capabilities is to get your hands on it.

(Prepare to be impressed.)