Bluescape Features

Work together across the globe, across the hall, or in a room, with the same ease and efficiency. Bluescape makes it easy for remote workers and hybrid teams to gather around their work from wherever they are.

Create a common operating picture

Maintain a record of the entirety of a project—meetings, comments, decisions, iterations, and more—all in a central place for easy reference and real-time status.


Want all your meetings, presentations, or project spaces to follow a similar format? Templates are quick and simple to set up and use again and again and again.

  • Video chat and video conferencing

    Use built-in video chat or host Cisco Webex and Zoom calls in your workspace to seamlessly communicate and collaborate in one application.

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  • Share documents and data

    Upload presentations, documents, graphics, and videos. Co-browse web content and collaborate on Google Docs and Office 365 documents. Whiteboard to visualize an idea or process.

  • Organize content

    Increase information access without information overload. Easily organize your content and workspaces with canvasses to make everything easy to find.

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Present and review content

When you’re all working together in a virtual space, the hassles of searching through folders, emails, and messages to find what you need go away. Feedback, updates, and decisions happen faster and more fluidly.

Upload videos, sync playback

Share videos, confident that everyone is seeing the same high-quality content at the same time. Experience image fidelity and frame accuracy that is far superior and more reliable than streaming video.

  • Bring your own devices

    Bluescape’s cross-device functionality works across desktops, laptops, tablets, phones, and large-screen displays so you have a great experience from wherever you are.

  • Annotate content and assign actions

    Keep the review process rolling with live annotations, notecards, and tagged comments delivered straight into your co-worker's inbox.

  • Live whiteboarding

    When you need to visualize an idea or illustrate a process, add whiteboards to your workspace for focused ideation.

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Make confident decisions in real-time

When you need teams–around the world or at your side–to respond based on the latest information, virtual workspaces mean you’ll always have what you need.

Synchronous collaboration

When you’re managing a crisis or responding to an incident, every second matters. Every person in a workspace can be actively working at the same time.

  • Persistent workspaces

    Everyone working in a workspace sees the same up-to-the-minute files and content. Monitor your work in the moment, and gather learnings after the fact by reviewing workspaces in after-action reviews and continuous improvement efforts.

  • Control the presentation

    Lead a meeting and everyone in the workspace will follow you as you guide them through content. Follow others to benefit from their knowledge and expertise.

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