Better Meetings
Faster, Stronger Decisions
With Virtual Workspaces

The next best thing to being in the same room

Bluescape provides virtual workspaces for hybrid and remote teams to meet and interact with all of their mission-critical content and data. Our goal? Make collaboration more effective and teams more connected.

Gather your teams and content

Nothing gets distributed teams on the same page faster than seeing all of their work at the same time. Discover insights, tame complexity, and build trust by sharing and discussing your content and data in secure, virtual workspaces.

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Fewer, Better Meetings

Eliminate the hassles of meeting preparation and follow-ups by reviewing work, tasking actions, and providing updates through the workspace. Visualize and implement your work processes by integrating workflow templates.  

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Faster, Smarter Decisions

Instantly compare and reference all of your decision factors instead of wasting time creating and flipping through PowerPoint slides. Everything is visually organized in the workspace, saving time to find the right information.

Enterprise Ready Collaboration


Bluescape brings digital whiteboarding, presentation, and annotation together into a complete collaboration platform.

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With a variety of hosting and security options, Bluescape is designed from the ground up to meet the stringent requirements your enterprise demands.

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Work your way—with the tools you are comfortable and confident using. Our open API makes it easy to connect and integrate your software solutions.

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Learn how Bluescape helps customers digitize and modernize their work processes

Curious how Bluescape can help your hybrid and remote teams collaborate more effectively?