The next best thing to being in the same room

Welcome to Bluescape’s virtual work platform.

Bluescape is a visual collaboration solution for remote teams to meet and interact with all of their mission critical content and data. Our goal? Make collaboration more effective and drive faster, more informed decisions.

A single source of truth and context

Nothing gets distributed teams on the same page faster than seeing all of their work at the same time. Discover insights, tame complexity, and build trust by visualizing and exploring your content and data in secure, virtual workspaces. Whether you are reviewing a marketing campaign, managing a crisis, or making a car, everything you need is in plain sight.

Situational Awareness and Crisis Management

Bluescape replicates the content-rich and intense collaborative experience of war rooms, strategy rooms, and operations centers. Make your meetings more productive by seeing your projects, content, and data laid out visually. Participants act more engaged. Presentations deliver more impact. Decision-making is more informed.

Sales and Customer Experience

Deliver a wow factor in remote sales calls and showrooms. Leave slides and screen sharing behind and elevate your pitch by creating an engaging experience. Co-browse your entire catalog and service offerings, document feedback and decisions, and collaboratively whiteboard solutions. Own the room when virtual selling or face-to-face.

Creative and Product Development

Visualize your entire marketing campaign or product line. Upload, annotate, and comment on requirements, designs, and schedules to accelerate sign-offs and approvals. Join the major motion pictures studios and manufacturers who are securely connecting teams across the country and around the world through Bluescape. 

Education and Training

Bluescape creates an interactive learning experience that isn’t possible through video conferencing alone. Create a virtual classroom or studio experience including multiple whiteboards, presentations, documents, and videos. Real-time interaction ensures everyone is focused and engaged.


Enterprise Ready Collaboration


Bluescape brings together ideation, presentation, annotation, and more into a complete collaboration platform.

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With a variety of hosting and security options, Bluescape is designed from the ground up to meet the stringent requirements your enterprise demands.

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Work your way—with the tools you are comfortable and confident using. Our open API makes it easy to connect and integrate your software solutions.

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