Collaborate easily together (even when you’re not!)

Welcome to Bluescape’s virtual collaboration workspace.

Bluescape is a visual collaboration software solution that allows you and your colleagues to interact with each other around any app or content, and see it all together, side by side, from anywhere. The goal? To make true collaboration more possible and drive faster, more well-informed decisions.

Unleash true teamwork

To make a virtual brainstorm effective, everyone on your team needs access to the same files, regardless of their physical location. They need to see and share and create, comment, and revise—and it all must be as easy and immediate as if they were all in the same room. Welcome to Bluescape, a solution for remote and in-room teams alike.

Show, don’t tell

By seeing your projects laid out visually, brainstorming sessions grow more productive. Participants are more involved. Presentations are more impactful. Decision-making is more informed. You can capture every idea, comment, and change. Track who’s doing what. All in one place. Easily.

Pick a device, any device

Pinch and zoom on your tablet, review content on your phone, use the massive touch screen display in your favorite conference room or login with your laptop—the Bluescape experience works seamlessly across all the devices you and your team use each day.

Let everyone get to work

Enable everyone involved in a project to interact with one another and the project info and files in real-time, just like they would in person. With Bluescape, team members can see, add to, edit, move, or comment on files directly in the project workspace, based on the permission level they’ve been given. Remote work is simply business as usual.

Web browser + touch screen + mobile

If you can get online, you can work on projects in Bluescape. It’s that simple.

However, the magic happens when you bring in a large touchscreen into the mix, replacing the physical whiteboarding we all know and love with online whiteboarding— and the the added bonus of letting everyone on the extended team get in on the action from any device that gets online.

Designed to make it easy to get to work


Work your way—with the tools you love and are comfortable with. Our open API makes it easy to connect and integrate your software solutions.

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Thoughtful attention to every detail means Bluescape just works like you’d expect and then wows you in ways you’d not dreamed it could.

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With a variety of hosting and security options, Bluescape was designed from the ground up to meet the stringent requirements your enterprise demands.

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