Online whiteboarding is just the start

Looking for online whiteboarding that inspires creativity and collaboration? We understand secure, scaleable whiteboarding is just the beginning. Our virtual work platform is a creative jumping-off point, powering productivity from ideation to product release.

The Online Whiteboard with all the bells and whistles

Enable any team member, anywhere, to instantly work out ideas in our online whiteboard. Write, sketch, add notecards to capture aha! comments. Organize, and reorganize until you are satisfied, with our intuitive touchscreen drag and drop. Share screens or start a video conference. Pull in shapes, add video and other files or apps—knowing all valuable work will be automatically saved. Want more complex templating or to bring in output from AI? We’ve got all that, and then some.

Increase productivity. Enhance collaboration.

From rich and innovative online whiteboarding, to integrated video conferencing, compatibility with productivity tools your company already relies on, and the ability to extend existing roles and permissions throughout; Bluescape enables enterprise productivity at scale. And, it integrates easily into your existing communication suite.

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Work securely

Check “secure” off your list. Bluescape meets the most stringent InfoSec requirements, making us the virtual work platform of choice for corporations with a global footprint and government organizations. You can also extend existing your enterprise roles and permissions throughout Bluescape and keep your system safe from security breaches.

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Come for the online whiteboarding. Stay for the collaboration.

Our virtual work platform answers the deeper organizational needs of today’s modern work world—starting with feature-rich online whiteboarding.

Work with a wider range of file types

Applications, documents, video, and web links; you can now bring them all together and view them side-by-side for better collaboration in one dynamic workspace.

Any Device, Anywhere

Tap into a multimodal experience through just about any device, located anywhere—smartphones, tablets, laptops, existing conference room monitors, and of course, giant touchscreen walls.

BYOT (Bring your own tools)

You’re covered when it comes to integrations. Box, Google Drive, and Adobe CC, Dropbox? You bet. Want to integrate industry-specific applications or proprietary tools? Our APIs are ready for your tools, on your terms.

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