Does your department or team utilize a Scrum task board when it comes to outlining major projects?

A “Scrum board” is a virtual or physical board with different columns that ultimately track the progress of a major project or task. In Scrum terminology, the month-long (or less) project is called a “sprint”.  The Scrum board columns are typically broken up into the following categories: To Do, Doing, and Done. Organizations often have more in-depth columns labeled: Requirements, Testing, Feedback, Tasks Completed, End Result, etc. All tasks start in the first column (To Do) and are subsequently moved forward. More importantly, this board updates on a daily basis, to help keep teams and employees focused and motivated.

The Scrum task board comes from the “Scrum” framework, where “people can address complex adaptive problems, while productively and creatively delivering products of the highest possible value.” From the early 1990s and beyond, organizations have used this framework to help manage major projects and ultimately, improve their work environment and work techniques.

Below are three organizational benefits of a Scrum task board.

1. Encourages team collaboration & ownership

An online scrum board is a great way for teams and departments to build better collaboration skills. Often with a Scrum board, teams will have a “Daily Scrum”, which is a 15-minute meeting where they discuss the current status of tasks and the plan of action for the next 24 hours. No matter how big or small your teams are, online task boards can facilitate better team communication as well as address issues as soon as they arise.

In addition, when everyone has access to the online task board, they can see all the inner workings of their team and help keep them individually motivated and engaged in their tasks. It can also help strengthen team building skills by having employees recognize all of the effort involved needed to successfully finish the project.

2. More project control

Although there is a limited amount of time teams have to complete a sprint, with an online task board, it gives teams the opportunity to make corrections and adjust priorities throughout the duration of the project. Often times outside factors may pose a major issue, but with an online task board, it can allow your team to regroup and solve the problem head-on without affecting other areas of your major project. It will also enable teams to absorb feedback before hitting a critical stage of their sprint. With more project control, teams can learn and refine their processes for future projects and develop a better quality product.

3. Less wasted time

Take a moment and think about your current project management system. Chances are you may be losing precious hours defining the workflow process, unproductive meetings with team members or answering emails that are interrupting your daily work. Online task boards eliminate this wasted time as anything that could hinder task completion is removed by the team. The whole idea of a Scrum task board is to help your team work efficiently and only have specific processes in place that help you reach your project completion and goals.

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