Create a Visual Container for Collaborative Work

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Program and Campaign Management

The best-performing programs and marketing campaigns leverage internal and external minds, regardless of location.

The Bluescape workstream collaboration platform enables all contributors to define goals and activities, and bring them to life — on time, on budget, and to expectation.

Easily share visual content, maintain a revision history, and respond to changes in real time.

Boost team creativity through an integrated conversation and content experience. Focus on getting the real work done with full stakeholder buy-in. Bring all your apps together for quicker access. Save cycles with a central communication platform.

Marketing Campaigns

Ideate, create, review, and coordinate campaign execution. Share visuals for approval.

Program Reviews

Conduct more effective program status, milestone, work product, and decision analysis for faster approvals.

Storytelling and Storyboarding

Present visual storyboards. Explain design process and rationale to customers, suppliers, and partners.

Catalog Management

For faster version control and time to market, visually manage and quickly find all content through a one-stop shop for edits and approvals.

Real-Time Campaign Collaboration

Streamline processes, programs, and approvals. Deliver quality work in less time.