Create a Visual Container for Collaborative Work

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Brand Management

 Defining, developing, and managing a trusted brand today? You need a deep understanding of what’s important to target customers and constituent groups.

The new best practice: Invite customers and influencers to co-create brand definition, evolution, and use, in transparent and informed ways.

To develop a trusted and exceptional brand, varied teams need to find content quickly and execute processes seamlessly.

Bluescape digital workplaces help you capture all types of content and conversation that influence a brand in a centralized location—accessible to anyone with permissions. The advantage? A holistic understanding of brand development, market feedback, and the ability to easily and securely capture and share new content, all in one experience layer. Even manage branding across locations and sub-brands: Coordinate and collaborate with diverse teams to maintain consistency across geographies and product portfolios.

Innovation and Design Reviews

Create a central repository where teams can visually create, collaborate, and reach smart decisions.

Customer and User Communities

Extend information sharing and feedback to improve quality of customer engagement and trust.

Customer Co-creation Initiatives

Easily include diverse, dispersed teams in all process steps and have full transparency of decisions.

Media Interaction

Align journalists and reps on key messages. Build a whole story — visually — to establish credibility.

Wainhouse Research Report: Implementing a New Digital Collaboration Mindset and Workplace

Discover what leading companies are doing to transform how their employees work, meet, and collaborate. Focus on creating new work styles in the ways people prefer. Bring teams together for real-time work regardless of their location. Achieve faster decision making. Encourage innovative and creative thinking. Ultimately, build effective, efficient and agile teams.