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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are changing the way we think about information and the world around us. Increasingly, AI- and ML-based apps support key business decisions. But what’s needed is a flexible workspace to both visualize and interact with the outputs of AI and ML systems. This is especially true when you use more than one AI or ML application.

A key success factor in using AI and ML is the ability for humans to consume this information in a way that makes sense. This is especially important for people who make decisions.

Whether you’re interpreting the meaning of AI/ML outputs or kicking off a critical action that results from AI/ML routines, you need a place to memorialize what happened and actions taken.

With Bluescape collaborative workspaces, teams can manage, interpret, and act upon any number of AI/ML routines—especially when those routines produce visual information that requires interpretation and sense-making.

From there, actions can be identified and executed to completion using Kanban methods, or through communication frameworks such as Messaging or Task Management systems.


Visualize AI and ML Outputs

One place for outputs from any number of AI and ML routines. Share digital workspaces so multiple participants can see and take action, regardless of geography.


Historical Timelines

As AI and ML routines guide critical decisions over time, Bluescape creates a historical timeline of all that has happened.


Integrate with Chat and Tasking Systems

Using Bluescape APIs, integrate with Chat systems like Slack or Teams, or sync up with Tasking systems or other workflow tools. Close the loop on decisions to completion.

Develop Interpretive Strategies

Interact with AI and ML outputs. Use Bluescape’s drawing and collaboration tools to better understand their meanings.

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