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Share content, knowledge, and consciousness without sharing a room

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See the big picture

Create a common operating picture for distributed teams to gather around the critical information they need to plan, make decisions, and solve problems. Virtual workspaces provide an information-rich meeting place for collaborative thinking and group activities.

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Make faster decisions

Increase the flow of knowledge and feedback across the command structure and give teams the tools they need to process complex information and maintain decision agility.

  • Simultaneously visualize multiple data sets for faster analysis and fully informed decisions.

  • Stream live content into the workspace including web content, video, and camera feeds to increase visibility to real-time data and events.

  • Share data from anywhere, from any device, including desktops, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, and in-room displays.

Stream all data sources into one visual workspace

Real-time and asynchronous collaboration

Virtual workspaces are available around the world and around the clock, so teams can always monitor and update progress.

  • Instant access to mission-critical content and data ensures teams can quickly get up to speed, enhancing incident response.

  • Whiteboarding tools enable rapid ideation and visualization of concepts, actions, and processes.

  • Organize actions and intelligence with templates and accelerate workflows.

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This collaborative workspace allows you to give mission critical folks the information at your fingertips because you’re in that shared workspace. This platform allows people to be wherever but collaborate in the same fashion they would if they were physically co-located."
— Kelly Miller
Executive Director, ManTech
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The Bluescape platform is the most advanced secure collaboration solution built for the unique security needs of the defense and intelligence communities.