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Chat and email threads can get messy. When versions and feedback start flying around, it's easy to miss important notes and details. Centralize your work and reviews in a shared virtual workspace to save time and avoid the distraction of digging through and responding to messages.

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With Popsync image search, you can easily find and assemble images from cloud folders and digital asset management systems. Quickly stand up review boards with no need to tediously print and prepare boards or compile slide decks.

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Bluescape’s “pixel perfect” environment means all the details in your high-resolution images and every frame in your videos can be examined with the utmost clarity to preserve your creative intent. Zoom into details and identify issues before they become problems. Clearly provide feedback with annotation tools so everyone's on the same page.

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Bluescape is our conference room. It’s the only solution that lets me review someone’s work with them and give them reference, draw edits, and add notes at the same time.
— Eli Cohen
Executive Creative Director, Concept Arts
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Eli Cohen
Executive Creative Director, Concept Arts