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From planning to execution, virtual workspaces align your teams and your workflows to improve productivity.

Bluescape for Product Development PlanningBluescape for Product Development Planning

Build the Best Products Together

Unite Distributed Teams and Increase Performance
Accelerate Sign-Offs and Approvals
Improve Meetings and Workflows

Align your teams, actions, and goals

  • Accelerate review cycles by bringing your team and all their projects together in virtual workspaces.
  • Annotate work and capture feedback and updates to eliminate the hassles of tracking follow-ups.
  • Brainstorm ideas and solutions with collaborative whiteboarding and use sticky notes and templates to support UX and Agile practices.
Bluescape for Product Development Planning UI Wireframe
Use of Bluescape equates to 100 minutes of time savings per day or about a half day saved in labor hours per week or 2 days per month.
Mark Dalton
Logistics Planning Manager, Haworth
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Bluescape for Product Development Planning UI Wireframe

Share the same vision

  • Easily discuss issues, diagnose problems, and make better decisions with all of your work in front of you. From plans and prototypes to project management tools, everything is visible at a glance so you can move efficiently from design through production.
Bluescape for Product Development Planning and Meeting
Bluescape for Product Development Planning and Meeting

Rich content-sharing experience

Upload documents, presentations, images, photos, videos, and more. Securely share files from Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, and Box.

True hybrid collaboration

Meet within Bluescape to collaborate with all your remote and in-office team members to create, share and present your work from anywhere, on any device.

Integrate your favorite tools

Bluescape features integrations with Adobe, Cisco, Google, Microsoft, Zoom, and others.

The Total Economic Impact™ of Bluescape

Return on Investment (ROI)


Reduction in Project Timelines


Increase in Meeting Efficiency

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Templates in Bluescape

Use our pre-built templates to organize your workspace and get the most out of your meetings. Customize existing templates or build them from scratch to align all your workflows.


Students Use Bluescape in Brewery Supply Chain Project

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