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Ideate, brainstorm, and share your vision with an online whiteboard accessible from anywhere.

Bluescape Online Whiteboarding PlatformBluescape Online Whiteboarding Platform

So Much More Than an Online Whiteboard

Virtual workspaces for in-room and hybrid work
An infinite canvas for all your ideas and work
Flexible deployments to secure your content

Share ideas and content on a collaborative canvas

  • Organize your creative ideas by using drawing and diagramming tools and templates. Use sticky notes to directly add feedback, callouts, and annotations to your content.
  • Upload images, videos, and files, or add documents to your whiteboards from Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, and Box to transform your collaboration sessions.
Whiteboarding, brainstorming, planning, creating presentations and reviews, and decision-making are just some of the ways teams collaborate on Bluescape. This helps employees avoid that dreaded “tool sprawl”—productivity lost from toggling between the dozens of apps and software products to get work done.
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Meet and collaborate in the same place

  • Meet directly in Bluescape or use our Cisco Webex and Zoom integrations to collaborate face-to-face, even when you’re not in-person. For in-room collaboration, create immersive digital whiteboards that can span multiple screens, to easily work side-by-side across physical and virtual workspaces.
Bluescape Online Whiteboarding Platform Product Review
less time searching for documents
$400K reduction in material costs
<6 month payback period
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Bluescape Online Whiteboarding Platform Product Review

Go beyond brainstorming

Use virtual workspaces for design reviews, team meetings, external presentations, and more.

Integrate your favorite tools

Bluescape features integrations with Adobe, Cisco, Google, Microsoft, Zoom, and others.

Secure your content and data

Enterprise-grade security protocols protect all your workspaces and content.

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The Total Economic Impact™ of Bluescape

Return on Investment (ROI)


Reduction in Project Timelines


Increase in Meeting Efficiency

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While several of Bluescape’s tools resemble those of digital whiteboarding apps, the scale and depth of the platform speak to a vision that goes far beyond capturing doodles during meetings.
Evaluation: Bluescape Enterprise – Q2 2021
Wainhouse Research
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"Bluescape Enterprise is designed to enable secure virtual workspaces that help an enterprise unify its content and conversations in a shared, persistent space that can be accessed from any device or location."
"Bluescape Enterprise is now a rich productivity and content creation/consumption platform with true workflow integration."
"We continue to believe that, for such a feature-rich product, Bluescape Enterprise offers a very low learning curve."

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Templates in Bluescape

Use our pre-built templates to organize your workspace and get the most out of your meetings. Customize existing templates or build them from scratch to align all your workflows.

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Digitally whiteboard with Bluescape

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