Enable flexible, hybrid
learning environments

Conduct classes in a virtual workspace and give every student a front-row seat to an engaging, equitable experience. Bluescape is a complete platform to keep students connected, motivated, and focused.

Bluescape for Online LearningBluescape for Online Learning

Create an Immersive Learning Experience

Unite Remote Students and Instructors
Boost Content and Knowledge Sharing
Drive Student Engagement and Participation

Do more than show and tell

  • Assemble and present all your teaching materials in a virtual workspace—including PowerPoint presentations, images and documents, web pages, and videos for a content-rich and interactive learning experience.
  • Lead lectures and discussions with built-in video calls or integrations with Webex and Zoom.
  • Everyone can access course materials, collaborate on, and upload content to the workspace during or after class hours.
Bluescape for Online Learning Lectures
The ability to bring video into the same place as your content is the future of collaboration. Bluescape’s video integration makes content and remote collaborators first-class citizens in the meeting.
Nick Swayne
Founder, James Madison University X-Labs
Bluescape for Online Learning Lectures

Recreate the classroom experience

  • Plan and structure your curriculum using canvases and templates to arrange your content.
  • Engage students by illustrating concepts and capturing ideas with a full suite of whiteboarding tools.
  • Provide feedback on assignments with comments, annotations, or sticky notes.
I could potentially have a student on a break, working a 12-hour shift, who could pick up half of his geometry lesson for the day because the accessibility is virtually infinite using Bluescape.
Paul Kurdziel
Principal, Muskegon Public Schools

Advanced content sharing

Upload presentations, documents, media, and more. Securely share files from Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, and Box.

A true hybrid platform

Students and instructors can easily collaborate, present, and review materials from any device, at any time.

Secure your content and data

Enterprise-grade security protocols protect privacy and ensure all your workspaces, content, and data are safe.

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Tech has been a tool we use to accomplish a task. With Bluescape, we are a partner, and bond with the technology to teach at a distance.
Brad Escalon
Instructor, University of Pennsylvania
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Templates in Bluescape

Use our pre-built templates to organize your workspace and get the most out of your meetings. Customize existing templates or build them from scratch to align all your workflows.

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