Revise and conquer
content creation

Unleash your team’s creativity in virtual workspaces. Collaboratively ideate, share, and review designs from anywhere.

Crush Deadlines and Reduce Time to Market

Streamline Review Cycles
Shorten Project Timelines
Inspire Creativity

Accelerate sign-offs and approvals

  • Capture feedback, brainstorm concepts, and annotate content to quickly produce deliverables and revisions.
  • Collaborate in real-time to eliminate miscommunications and build alignment across teams.
  • Save all your feedback in a shared workspace and respond immediately without the hassles of digging through scattered emails and chat threads.
Bluescape Design Review UI for Planning
Streamline the entire content production life cycle
  • Project Kick-Offs
  • Content Development
  • Creative and Design Reviews
  • Follow-Ups and Revisions
  • Partner Presentations
Bluescape Design Review UI for Planning

Present your work with confidence

  • Upload your documents, images, and videos to the workspace where they can be viewed in full quality, as intended. With everything visible at a glance, you can present and discuss your content without interruption. Fluidly brainstorm concepts and solutions, and share and review work without jumping across multiple tools.
Bluescape Design Review UI for Product Design
Bluescape Design Review UI for Product Design

Pixel perfect quality

Zoom in on the smallest details. Share images in full quality with none of the sacrifices and image compression of screen sharing and presenting through PowerPoint.

True hybrid collaboration

Meet within Bluescape to collaborate with all your remote and in-office team members to create, share and present your work from anywhere and any device

Integrate your favorite tools

Bluescape features integrations with Adobe, Workfront, Shotgrid, and others to make it easy to reference review multiple pieces of content.

The Total Economic Impact™ of Bluescape

Return on Investment (ROI)


Reduction in Project Timelines


Increase in Meeting Efficiency

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The ability for our design team to snap images directly into Bluescape is a 10X time savings. I can’t begin to describe how much time our teams regained because of Bluescape.
Brandon Dorsey
Director of Technology, Vocon
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"Bluescape is the only collaboration solution that acts as an open platform with which we could integrate all our design applications, including Enscape, Autodesk AutoCAD, and other VR tools, all powered by NVIDIA to work together."
"Bluescape enables a more efficient, more effective way to design. We can come back and talk about the key areas through images, taken from 3D renderings, that get placed instantly in Bluescape."
“With all our design content stored persistently in the Bluescape environment and the ability to integrate all of our existing tools seamlessly, our design teams can access content workflows no matter where they are or when they need.”

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Templates in Bluescape

Use our pre-built templates to organize your workspace and get the most out of your meetings. Customize existing templates or build them from scratch to align all your workflows.

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