Stop presenting and start co-creating

Ditch the slide deck and increase engagement in a virtual workspace packed with collaboration and content-sharing features.

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Bring the wow factor

Ready to make your pitches and presentations more powerful? Welcome your customers into a workspace designed for rich collaboration and immerse them with high-resolution imagery, captivating videos, and compelling content that will make an impact.

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Defeat Zoom fatigue

Empower your customer to take action. Instead of just passively sitting through a presentation, they can add their own materials, annotate content and sketch out ideas in real time.

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Deliver rapid results

Everything is captured in the workspace so it's easy to see what's been discussed and what decisions have been made. Instead of circling back or digging through emails, you can focus on making progress instead of being distracted with follow-ups.

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Sales reps using Bluescape were able to create a more personalized experience for potential buyers, ultimately leading to an increased win rate of 33%.
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