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Visual collaboration requires more than sticky notes. Get to your eureka moment faster with visual content.


Turn a whiteboard into a springboard

Pens, shapes, and sticky notes are a great start, but the biggest breakthroughs happen when you use content to power your team’s visual thinking. Fill your workspace with photos and videos for inspiration, pull in past work for reference, and watch the creative sparks fly! 

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Find inspiration in a flash

Don’t search for inspiration. Let Bluescape bring it to you! Popsync, our built-in search feature, gives you the power to pull content from image libraries and cloud drives at a moment’s notice. With limitless content to fuel your brainstorms, your team will get to decisions, actions, and results faster. 

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Launch into action 

Whether swarming a problem or shaping a creative vision, Bluescape makes it easy for your team to meet, make decisions, and map out next steps. But don’t stop there. Templates and team review features help you move effortlessly from ideation to planning to final approval.  

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In Bluescape, we are always one step ahead. We’re communicating and ‘clicking’ way quicker than we would if we were just sending emails back and forth.
— Mark Warshaw
Emmy-Winning Co-Founder and Executive Producer, Bureau of Magic Studios
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