Flexible Solutions for Hybrid and Remote Teams

When you meet to review work, make decisions, manage a crisis, or make a sale, Bluescape brings everyone together, with all of your content, like you are all in the same room.

Crisis Management

Bluescape replicates the content-rich and intense collaborative experience of war rooms, strategy rooms, and operations centers to improve planning and decision making.

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Design Review

Visualize your entire marketing campaign or product line at a glance. Annotate, assign actions, and provide updates in the workspace to streamline sign-offs and approvals.

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Digital Whiteboarding

Sketch and capture ideas, markup content, and illustrate processes with drawing and diagramming tools. Use note cards for Agile and Design workflows.

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Remote Work

Connect from your home, your office, and meeting rooms in virtual workspaces. Collaborate in real-time or asynchronously from any device, at any time.


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Situational Awareness

Create a common operating picture to align your resources and intelligence and empower everyone with the information they need to drive mission success.

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Virtual Selling

Deliver a wow factor in remote sales calls and showrooms. Leave slides and screen sharing behind and create an immersive and interactive experience.

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Customer Spotlight

Media and Entertainment

Production teams are creating the next, great live-action, animated, and streaming films with Bluescape.


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The intelligence community and federal agencies trust Bluescape with their most sensitive content and data.

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Higher Education

Deliver an equitable and flexible platform for in-class and in-person, remote, and hybrid instruction.

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