Situational analysis: Bluescape enables informed real-time decisions

Bluescape's virtual workspace provides advanced tools to power immediate collaboration — and the ability to search archived content and activity.

Why is situational awareness important?

Situational awareness involves being aware of what is happening moment-by-moment, in order to understand how information, events, and one's own actions will impact goals and objectives, both immediately and in the near future. Urgent, complex decisions about fluid situations involve remote, internal, and external teams require up-to-the-minute data from a multitude of sources. Bluescape makes this possible, bringing the content—and people—together so that everyone, everywhere has the information they need to make critical calls quickly.

Know you're protected by serious security

Bluescape is cloud-agnostic to let you decide how you want your IT operations to be conducted. Our SaaS application meets all federal Authority To Operate (ATO) security controls and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements. We authenticate using a SAML-based SSO and offer secure integrations with external applications. Through multiple proven deployments in the federal government, Bluescape offers robust security, increased agility, and cost savings with flexible deployment options.

Decision-making in high-pressure, time-critical situations is tough. When stakes are high, it’s even tougher.

Whether planning a strategic operation, responding to a crisis or incident, or simply conducting your daily meetings, Bluescape gives your teams access to information in real-time.

Worldwide collaboration with real-time data

Tear down silos and increase collaborative flows across teams to achieve quality outcomes. Connect with other conference rooms and individuals working remotely, anywhere in the world, to drive better, faster decisions. Empower participants across the globe to access and input the data you need, from any device, in one secured workspace. Bluescape provides advanced tools to power immediate collaboration—and the ability to search archived content and activity.

Digital awareness

Identify and curate content to build an ongoing understanding of a situation as it unfolds.

Crisis management

Build a real-time understanding of facts. Coordinate team-member actions with integrated tools and communications.

Protection of network and security operations

Establish a live, multi-sourced command center to monitor your network and manage terabytes of data.

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