Increase Situational Awareness

Secure, virtual workspaces help teams create a common operating picture and common purpose across all members of the team. Identify threats, make better decisions, and respond more quickly with Bluescape.

Secure, scalable, and trusted

The intelligence community, federal agencies, and Fortune 100 companies trust Bluescape with their most critical and sensitive data. Flexible options give you the ability to deploy on your premises or a virtual private instance with support for Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) so you can protect your data and maintain encryption key control and management.

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Visualize threats and resources

Bring legacy systems, real-time analytics, and media together into a single interface to help teams communicate, collaborate, and coordinate more effectively. Easily integrate external and internal data sources in a single pane of glass.

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Unite distributed teams

Teams can collaborate in real-time or asynchronously from anywhere they need to be, from any device. Everyone from command and control to resources in the field have a common context, even as circumstances change.

Turn data into actionable intelligence

Organize your data and workflows with canvasses and templates to separate signal from noise and keep everyone aligned on mission success. Avoid information overload while making it easy to navigate all of the content you need for decision-making.

Experience the difference

Modernize command and control centers

Bluescape features a native in-room client capable of supporting immersive, multi-screen environments. From the operations center to in the field, everyone can see the big picture and the smallest details.

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Improve decision support

Every decision factor, from internal and external data sources, to maps, photographs, videos, and more can be shared and presented in the workspace. Easily locate, compare, and reference critical information at a glance. Annotate content or whiteboard to document decisions and highlight essential items and tasks.

Organize a coordinated response

Use and create templates to facilitate activities across the team. Add notes and comments to the workspace to provide updates . Notifications from the workspace alert team members of immediate needs and timely intelligence.

Flexible and extensible

Bluescape supports and integrates with your existing toolset. Schedule a Bluescape meeting from Outlook. Communicate through Cisco Webex or Zoom. Share files from Box, DropBox, Google Drive, and OneDrive. Collaborate on Google docs and Office 365 files. Integrate applications and workflows with our API.

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