Give your teams all the benefits of being in a room.
Even when they're not.

Remote and hybrid options have been great for boosting productivity and wellness. But teams are struggling to collaborate. See how Bluescape can help - schedule a demo today.


Bluescape can help

Our virtual workspaces provide the collaborative environment that's missing from online collaboration. Use Bluescape to whiteboard ideas, review projects, present plans, solve problems, and collaborate just like you would in a meeting room – no matter where you are.

Save time

Don't spend precious meeting time gathering documents and passing the screen around. Get to the meat of the meeting faster – and have fewer meetings overall – when files, feedback, and decisions are captured in one place.

Stay secure

Everything in Bluescape is confidential and controlled by your permission settings. Seamlessly collaborate with internal and external colleagues, vendors, and freelancers without worrying about security.

Work anywhere

In Bluescape, collaboration happens anywhere: at home, in the office, on a beach. Remote team members are equal participants, and with Bluescape's touch screen wall, office collaboration is digital AND tactile.


One place where all your tools collaborate

Bluescape brings all your tools to one workspace. Whether you use Microsoft Office, Google Workspace, or any combination of tools, collaborating across apps has never been easier.

With all your whiteboards, documents, and media in one view, your team can get to work faster and make better use of meeting time. Review and mark up files in real time while using the Zoom, Webex, or Teams meeting integration. Or, connect on a video call directly in Bluescape with one simple click.


Get aligned and stay aligned. Before, during, and after the meeting

Ideally, offices will become collaboration hubs. But even in smartly-designed spaces, people will miss meetings. Bluescape gives teams a way to include everyone and not miss a beat, whether in the office, at home, or catching up afterwards.

Organize content in canvases

Want information access without information overload? You got it. Organize content your way and make everything easy to find in canvases.

Build powerful visuals using templates

With all your content at your fingertips, you can get to work in Bluescape building projects plans, design processes, vision boards, and more.

Lead and follow – without having to share screens

Simply click to lead and every else's screen will move in sync as as the leader zooms in, zooms out, and moves around the workspace.

A true hybrid solution

Collaborating online shouldn't mean that office employees are glued to a 13-inch screen. Bluescape supports multi-screen installations for an excellent in-person experience.

Get everyone on the same whiteboard

Our digital whiteboard isn't limited to laptops. When you're in the office, you can whiteboard (not just project) on big interactive displays.

Review, draw, and mark up in real time

Everyone in the workspace sees the same up-to-the minute content, including live annotations, notecards, and tagged comments.

Return to the workspace any time

Everything in the workspace is there when you need it. Return anytime to access content, review notes, or catch up on a discussion.

Everything comes together

Why waste time multitasking across browser tabs, managing different stages of a project in different tools, when you can have everything in one view?

Customer Testimonials

Teams across industries collaborate better in Bluescape

When we first went remote, it only took 2 days to get my in person teams into a virtual collaborative environment. I was blown away with the ease and speed of the transition.

Elaine A.
Associate Professor

The ability for our design team to snap images directly into Bluescape is a 10X time savings. I can’t begin to describe how much time our teams regained because of Bluescape.

Brandon Dorsey
Director of Technology

Bluescape has some of the most innovative and futuristic features available. For example: - Huge canvas allows incredible amount of information to be kept in a single location - It's an amazing collaboration tool.

Jin H.
EVP & Managing Director EMEA

Overall...if you don't have Bluescape, you're missing out. Productivity levels will definitely increase. You'll look like a wizard when you master the features. And the tools/features are simple to understand.

David L.
Graphic Designer

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