Price Modern's ‘Design in Real Time’

Furniture design firm cuts project time by 25%, but all clients see is “wow.”


Located in Baltimore and Washington, D.C., Price Modern is a 112-year old furniture company helping clients design smarter, happier, and more productive offices and work environments.


However, Price Modern saw that their creative timeline process with a client — from the initial showroom meeting to design mockups and the overall installation phase — could use some improvements, including implementing visual collaboration technology. Enter Bluescape’s digital, collaborative workspaces.


Price Modern’s challenges with their creative timeline process included:

  • Helping the client see their future workspace — virtually — throughout the duration of the project
  • Reducing project follow-up time
  • Collaborating more effectively
  • Enhancing the client experience

Price Modern developed a “Design In Real Time” approach that front-loads much of the required collaboration time into the initial showroom visit.


“The Design in Real Time approach is a hands-on experience with the stakeholders in the room, and gives us the opportunity to take months and months of emails and communication and turn it into a very successful afternoon,” said Robert Carpenter, President of Price Modern.


Want to know more? Read this case study to learn how Bluescape enabled clients to engage directly with potential designs, layouts, and furniture choices.


About Bluescape

Bluescape enables companies to innovate, collaborate, and work faster and more efficiently. Its interactive digital workspace gives dispersed teams a centralized place to meet, share, and develop ideas. Founded in 2012, Bluescape is headquartered in San Carlos, California and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Haworth. Follow Bluescape on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook.