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Innovates New Ways to Create and Design for Enhanced Customer Experiences

Find out why PMC Commercial Interiors switched from traditional communication tools like PowerPoint and email to Bluescape’s online whiteboard solution.


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PMC Commercial Interiors creates both physical and digital spaces for companies. The goal of the innovative commercial interiors is to foster creativity, collaboration, and ultimately productivity. In order to make these innovative environments, PMC needed a way to collaborate and provide a visual and interactive experience for team members and customers. PMC discovered Bluescape software and integrated the Enterprise virtual whiteboard.

Bluescape software allows PMC to improve internal communication and collaboration. The virtual whiteboard technology enabled teams to edit and annotate on designs in real time, integrating improved collaboration within the company. PMC employees were then able to share the designs visually with clients during consultations. With its focus on design, PMC has found Bluescape software as a way to fully develop and display its innovative commercial interiors to benefit its clients.

“Every image, every note, every project decision is easily accessible and adjustable – which makes it that much quicker to turn around a custom solution. In most cases, it has reduced design time by at least 50 percent.” — Yvette Coppedge, president, PMC


PMC Speeds Up Design to Production Process

Find out more about how Bluescape Enterprise helped PMC accelerate its process from the beginnings of designing to the production stage.


PMC Develops More Creative Work Environments

Find out more about PMC Commercial Interiors and its mission to increase work productivity with more creative and innovative commercial interiors and workspaces.


PMC Streamlines Customer Engagement & Project Management

Find out more about how PMC uses Bluescape Enterprise software to display innovative designs for customers to improve engagement.


PMC Creates Work Environments to Advance Collaboration

Find out more about how the innovative work environments from PMC can foster and advance collaboration with Bluescape Enterprise.


Delight Clients with New Ways to Collaborate


Find out more about how Bluescape software and the Enterprise digital whiteboard can provide more new ways for clients to collaborate.


Innovate Interiors & Transform Work Processes


Find out more about how Bluescape Enterprise can help innovate interiors while transforming how work is done by increasing collaboration.


Define New Ways to Work and Collaborate


Find out how Bluescape Enterprise provides new ways for companies to work and collaborate while improving internal communication and customer presentation.

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