Concept Arts Creates Entertainment Magic from Storyboarding to Finish

The end game with Bluescape? Deeper client relationships.

With more than four decades of experience to its name, Concept Arts isn’t new to the digital, print, and social advertising world. Founded in London in 1972, Concept Arts has since made the leap to Hollywood, where it now creates marketing campaigns for a variety of high-profile projects and clients.

Concept Arts has successfully produced stunning social and print campaigns to promote some of the biggest blockbusters in recent years, including “Avengers: Infinity War” and “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.” Oscar darlings such as “Moonlight” and “La La Land” likewise can attribute some of their commercial success to the efforts of Concept Arts, with its compelling content drumming up excitement for many other films as well.

From drawing concept art to building digital content and adding animation, the process to create advertising content for motion pictures is lengthy, involved, and visual-heavy. Concept Arts is always on the lookout for ways to improve the process, both for itself and for its clients.

“We’re aggressive in our approach to improve workflows and be proactive,” says Aaron Michaelson, president at Concept Arts. “Technology for us is not just something that’s fancy or cool; it has to impact the way we work in positive ways.”

Bluescape stood out to Concept Arts in part for its ability to help with the creative process; its visual collaborative workspace serves well as storyboarding software and offers the perfect tools for capturing, sharing, improving, and executing ideas among internal teams. But also of significance to the company was Bluescape’s capacity to help clients better understand how the creative process works, allowing them to follow along throughout ideation, concept art, storyboarding, critiques, and fulfillment.

“The ability to use Bluescape to show clients the necessity of every part of the process and how we work is going to be incredible,” Michaelson said. “They’ll get to look over our shoulder and see that it doesn’t simply involve execution, but ideation, interactivity between team members, and critiques from the creative director.”

Bluescape may not be the only visual collaboration and storyboarding software on the market, but Concept Arts notes its competitors in digital asset management have been disappointing.

“We have no patience for solutions that are poorly designed or lack a clear intention,” Michaelson said. “With Bluescape, our vision is reinvention, and we know we’re in for a completely different experience. It’s going to make our lives better.”

Check out the full case study for more information on how Bluescape helps Concept Arts reach its goal to create digital content while keeping clients involved.