A Remote Work Platform

Remote work is most productive when you can easily gather together and share ideas, files, and plans. Bluescape recreates the in-person work experience, with everything teams needs to develop and deliver projects.

Collaborate like you’re in the same room

Video conferencing and screen sharing are poor substitutes for working side-by-side. Remote workers need a central space for everyone to share, present, and review work. Virtual workspaces enable distributed teams to collaborate directly on project files while meeting internally and with external partners.

See an entire project end-to-end

You will find everything related to a project at your fingertips in the Bluescape workspace: schedules, files, feedback, and more.

Keep everyone engaged

Fluidly present without the hassles of having to continuously pass control like in video conferencing meetings. Bluescape keeps everyone focused and engaged. Team members can share and work on documents with other team members and contribute ideas without stopping to request and receive permission first.

Ensure everyone is updated

See a project’s scope, timelines, and status—regardless of where team members are located. Everyone is informed in real-time on decisions, actions, and outcomes through the workspace.

Experience the difference

Grasp the entirety of a project at a glance

When everything is together in one place, it’s easier to see the big picture. You can compare and cross-reference content to get on the same page. View images, videos, documents, and applications side-by-side. Put proposals and timelines next to concepts, designs, budgets, plans, and more.

Bring your own tools (BYOT)

Easily access the tools you use every day, right in the workspace—Zoom, Webex, OneDrive, Dropbox, and more. Want to integrate industry-specific applications or proprietary tools? Create custom integrations with our API.

Avoid misunderstanding and confusion

Comment and use @mentions to give feedback in context for easy reference. With a running list of feedback right next to the work, it’s easy to follow the thread.

Shorten review cycles

Quickly create diagrams, document process flows, and organize concepts. Annotate and mark up content to clarify or emphasize a point. Because a workspace is persistent, there’s a clear record of all work when the meeting is over, for everyone to build on later.

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