Improve Virtual Selling

Virtual selling is a poor substitute for selling face-to-face. It’s hard to recreate the closeness and collaboration of in-person selling—until Bluescape. Deliver an engaging, immersive, virtual sales meeting that invites your customer to engage with you to push the sales process forward.

The next best thing to selling in person

It’s difficult to present the materials you need to make a compelling remote sales presentation. Switching between documents when screen sharing disrupts your pitch and increases the risks of technical glitches. With Bluescape, video conferencing is embedded in the workspace. Everyone, and everything you’re discussing, is present and visible, just like in a meeting room.

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Strengthen your story

Give your customers a memorable experience by presenting your products and services with high-fidelity content. Screen sharing degrades the image quality of your content. Videos lose image and audio quality and frame rates suffer. Bluescape maintains the original quality of your files. Make your case, without sacrifice.

Increase customer engagement

Create trust and buy-in by interacting directly with your customer. Whiteboard together to document needs and decision criteria, co-create a solution and plan your next steps in the sales process. Easily review concepts, proposals, and terms with notes and annotations to close the deal.

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Create urgency and activity

From your very first meeting you can dig deeper, capture more of a customer’s vision, and immediately start collaborating. With remote sales meetings in Bluescape, every suggestion, revision, redline, and sign-off is captured and saved, at the ready for taking the next step.

Experience the difference

Structure your sales pitch

Organize all of your sales content with canvases to keep your customer focused and engaged. Compare and cross-reference materials to get on the same page. Put proposals and timelines next to catalogs, estimates, timelines and more. Use templates to illustrate and guide the sales process to accelerate next steps.

Make a memorable impression

Work with your customer to create the right solution that meets their needs. Whiteboard together. Annotate and highlight sales content to capture and emphasize a point. Invite the customer to do the same. There’s a clear record of all the work when the meeting is over, for everyone to refer to and build on later.

Facilitate the buy

Bring everything together in one place. Everything in the workspace is saved—presentations, notes, memos, and current and prior proposals. Enable everyone involved in the sale—including customers—to access the materials they need to follow-up and move the deal forward.

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