Learn how your virtual sales meetings can be more effective than in-person meetings.

Capture the customer’s vision, present your options for making it reality, and work together to move the sale forward faster with Bluescape.

Increase customer engagement from minute one

Invite prospective customers into an immersive, fully engaging, high-content, high-touch experience from anywhere. Present and share in a way that’s as arresting and engrossing as it is practical, effective, and persistent. From your very first conversation you can dig deeper, capture more of a client’s vision, and start collaborating and sharing—idea starters, 3D renderings, engineering mechanicals, photos or video, or whiteboard sessions. With virtual sales meetings in Bluescape, everything is captured and saved, ready for the next step.

Elevate the virtual sales meeting

The highly visual nature of Bluescape workspaces lets you easily share images, video, engineering drawings, and product catalogs. Take notes akin to sticky notes on a printed page, keep idea starters, catalogs, diagrams, color palettes and more at-the-ready thanks to workspaces that are practically unlimited. Get everyone accessing files and interacting in meetings as if you all were across the table. Experience the most productive virtual meetings ever.

Secure virtual sales meetings

Check “secure” off your list. Bluescape meets the most stringent InfoSec requirements, making us the virtual work platform of choice for corporations with a global footprint and government organizations. It’s easy to extend existing enterprise roles and permissions throughout the Bluescape virtual work platform. End-to-end data encryption keeps your system safe from security breaches.

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Get an edge with a solution that works for complex sales

Bluescape is purpose built to let your sales teams easily strengthen the connection with multiple stakeholders at your target customers. Easily see who on the customer side has logged in and what they’ve engaged with, so you’re ready to pick up the conversation at the right point.

Virtual whiteboarding

Sketch up an idea and work out the details together in real time—then save it for future reference or revisions. Bluescape’s virtual whiteboarding gives you all the benefits of physical whiteboarding, along with added benefits of working online.

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All the content, all in one place

Enable everyone to interact with one another and info and files in real-time, just like they would in person. With Bluescape, salespeople and prospective clients can see, add to, edit, move, or comment on files directly in the workspace, based on the permission level they’ve been given. Remote selling is simply business as usual.

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Integrate your existing tools & apps

Work your way—with the tools your sales team loves and is comfortable with including Box, Google Drive, and Dropbox. Our open API makes it easy to connect and integrate your software solutions and industry-standards like Salesforce.

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Safe and speedy

Onboarding and access is intuitive and easy. Bluescape works with existing user administration architecture and permissions. There is no limit to the number of users you can have in a workspace and light network usage keeps the user experience zipping along.

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See how Bluescape can help you increase engagement—and deepen connection with prospective customers.