Create flexible, hybrid classroom experiences

Bluescape revolutionizes the learning experience, whether it takes place in a room, online, or a combination of both. Both students and instructors can collaboratively share, present, and review class materials, assignments, and projects from any device, at any time.

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More than an online lecture

Use virtual workspaces to plan, organize, and adapt your curricula throughout the term. Share and present lecture materials and assignments while also providing a collaborative space for group projects, feedback, and discussions during or outside of class hours.

Combat Zoom fatigue

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Virtual workspaces for in-room and remote learning
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An infinite canvas for all your course materials
Inspire class participation and deepen engagement
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Collaborative Hybrid Classrooms

Integrated video conferencing, advanced content sharing, and interactive capabilities create a dynamic learning environment that is far superior to screen sharing. Add photos, graphics, live webpages, and videos from cloud services like Google Drive, DropBox, and more. Co-browse web content and collaborate on shared documents. Set timers and add polls to create more interactive experiences.


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