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Bluescape Templates for CollaborationBluescape Templates for Collaboration

Use templates to organize workflows and get more out of your meetings

  • Add pre-existing templates to your workspace
  • Customize them the way you want
  • Create your own templates from scratch

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Bluescape Virtual Collaboration Project Management UIBluescape Virtual Collaboration Project Management UI Dark Mode

Project Organization

Bluescape makes organizing your work effortless. Build and execute your project goals with ease.
Bluescape Virtual Collaboration team meetingBluescape Virtual Collaboration team meeting dark mode


Streamline brainstorming sessions, design reviews, project meetings, and more.
Bluescape Virtual Collaboration PresentationBluescape Virtual Collaboration Presentation Dark Mode


Prepare and organize your content with templates designed to help you deliver amazing presentations.
Bluescape Virtual Collaboration Design Review UIBluescape Virtual Collaboration Design Review UI Dark Mode

Situational Awareness

Coordinate and track events to help teams gain better visibility of critical issues
Bluescape Virtual Collaboration project meetingBluescape Virtual Collaboration project meeting dark mode

Strategy and Planning

Visualize processes like product planning, daily stand-ups, user journey mapping, and more.
Bluescape Virtual Collaboration Timeline PlanningBluescape Virtual Collaboration Timeline Planning Dark Mode

Custom Templates

Build your own templates, customize them, and share them across your organization.

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