Box and Bluescape: Searching for Files Just Got a Whole Lot Faster 

Connect Box and Bluescape to access your content when and where you need it most

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Why Box + Bluescape

Connecting Box and Bluescape enables you to search your Box drive from within your Bluescape workspace and pull in assets for review or reference. Move, resize, annotate, and organize your assets and share the workspace with your team to collect feedback.

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I can’t imagine not using Bluescape and Box together. It just makes total sense.
— Mark Warshaw
Co-founder and President of the Bureau of Magic
How Mark saves time with Box & Bluescape
Mark Bureau of Magic
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Your Content When You Need It Most

Hit the ground running during kickoff calls and creative reviews with all your Box assets at your fingertips. Instantly access and organize content from Box to set your meetings up for success, streamline reviews, and stay in a creative flow without getting sidetracked.

More Momentum, Fewer Follow Ups

Help your team be more efficient by addressing to-do's and action items during meetings — with all your content in front of you — instead of afterward. Make faster creative decisions and easily provide examples and reference materials at a moment's notice.

Empower Your Team to Execute

Connecting Box and Bluescape creates a seamless flow of creative input, inspiration, ideation, and feedback in one space instead of being scattered across multiple meetings, emails, and message threads. Quickly rally around a creative vision and bring it to life.

Connect Box and Bluescape

Already using Bluescape? Learn how to connect to your Box Drive.