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Meetings in Bluescape are more effective, engaging, and interactive than video conferencing alone. Why settle for sharing one person’s screen into a call when you can surround your meeting with all your team’s content? Stop screen sharing and start truly collaborating like you–and your work–are all in the same room.

Bluescape Video Conferencing

A superior solution to screen sharing

Meet and collaborate in a virtual workspace

  • All your work is visible and easily accessible. Compare, reference, and interact with multiple pieces of content with none of the awkward transitions of passing the ball.
  • Upload videos, pictures, and graphics with pixel perfect clarity. Zoom into the finest details and see your content how it was meant to be seen and not compressed into video stream.
Virtual Work Collaboration UI
By providing users with a single platform for video meetings, whiteboarding, and advanced content sharing, Bluescape is increasing team productivity, whether you are in a remote or hybrid environment.
Sid Rao
General Manager, Amazon Chime, AWS
Virtual Work Collaboration UI

Everything you need from a video meeting and more

  • Not at your computer? Not a problem. Dial into any meeting.
  • Customize how you see your team–or not. Choose from minimized, list, or grid views.
  • Mute individual or all participants as circumstances demand.
Bluescape Video Meeting
The ability to bring video into the same place as your content is the future of collaboration. Bluescape’s video integration makes content and remote collaborators first-class citizens in the meeting.
Nick Swayne
Founder, James Madison University X-Labs
Bluescape Video Meeting

Schedule, start, and join calls

  • Schedule video calls in Bluescape from Outlook.
  • Start instant meeting accessible to anyone in the workspace.
  • Share meeting links to bring anyone into the call.
Bluescape Hybrid Work Tool
Screen sharing, alone, is not collaboration. Bluescape is a superior experience for true video and meeting collaboration.
Gary Kayye
Director, rAVe Agency
Bluescape Hybrid Work Tool

The Bluescape Advantage

Screenshot Your Screenshares

If you must screen share, you still can. And you can capture screen shots of the screen share directly to the workspace with a single click to reference after the call.

Zoom and Webex Integrations

If you'd rather use Zoom or Webex for your meeting instead of Bluescape, our integrations let you schedule and start your calls in your workspace.

It's Your Call

Meet in a workspace or start your call on the My Bluescape home page and then bring your call to whatever workspace you choose.

Pass on "passing the ball" and experience true virtual collaboration.

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