Stream Sharing

Share multiple screens, windows, or tabs all at once.

Illustration – General – Situational awareness

Screen sharing is so yesterday.

Why watch one person's screen when you can view up to four live streams simultaneously? These streams may come from cameras, tabs, windows, or screens, even from the same user.

Illustration - General - People connected across America

Increase efficiency and productivity.

Are you tired of asking, "Can you stop sharing so I can share?" Stream sharing eliminates the constant interruptions of switching between presenters, applications, and documents so knowledge can flow freely from anywhere.

Illustration - General - Proposal creation

Accelerate knowledge sharing and decision-making.

Rapidly compare and analyze information from different sources and make better, more informed decisions. With multiple live streams at your disposal, you invite a real-time exchange of ideas and data and expedite problem-solving and team alignment.


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