Search for images, then save and share them with Popsync

Populate your workspace with images. Sync with your team and make a decision.

Popsync is the quickest way to search and bring stock images into your creative collaboration process

Image search has never been faster or easier. Type your search term and instantly get the most popular images from sources like Getty Images, Unsplash, Google Images, and more, in a workspace ready for you to use.

When I first used Popsync, I immediately knew this was a powerful tool we’d use over and over again. It’s exactly what you need in your tool belt."
— Mark Warshaw
Emmy-Winning Co-Founder and Executive Producer, Bureau of Magic Studios
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Get creative with images

  • Organize your content - Move, resize, and rearrange images to facilitate brainstorms, reviews, and presentations

  • Share it - Invite others to collaborate on your work and meet within Bluescape to brainstorm and discuss ideas in real-time

  • Discuss it - Collectively share feedback and make decisions through annotations, emoji reactions, and more

Why Popsync?

High-impact storytelling

Find the perfect image and take your brainstorms, presentations, ads, social media, and more from good to great

Free images

After searching Getty Images' library of the world's best creative stock photos, use those images for free in Bluescape

Stress-free search and approvals

Save time finding and approving images by searching multiple providers at once and reviewing options as a team


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