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Why just share a screen when you can share an interactive workspace full of content? Bluescape has everything you need for all of your creative meetings.

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All your meeting needs, all in one place

Video meetings need to be more than just talking heads and screen sharing. With Bluescape, remote and hybrid teams can meet and get work done just as easily as they would in person.

  • Launch instant meetings and share meeting links with others

  • Create scheduled and recurring meetings through our Outlook Add-in

  • Dial into meetings to stay connected from anywhere

  • Whiteboard and share content in a collaborative canvas

Bluescape is the next best thing to being there in person. It puts me in the room in a way that lets me see and understand the tone of what’s happening and how ideas are received and lets me interact in real-time as the story takes shape."
— Jon Bokenkamp
Creator and Producer, Sony Pictures’ “The Blacklist”
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, Sony Pictures
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Bring content into the conversation

  • Add and view photos, videos, documents, and image searches during meetings

  • Interact with content to organize, annotate, review, and present your work with ease

  • Share an entire workspace and its contents to collaborate like you're all in the same room

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Your own personal meeting room!

Create a memorable room name and claim a virtual meeting space that is distinctly yours.

  • Use your personal meeting room link for all your instant and scheduled meetings

  • Meeting workspaces are saved automatically, so you can easily reference whiteboards, notes, and content at any time

Meeting room names are unique. Get yours before someone else does!

Enhancing the meeting experience

Instant and scheduled video meetings

Personal meeting room

Presentation mode


Broad content support


Screen share

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Hundreds of useful templates

Desktop and mobile apps


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