Icon Libraries

Diagram processes with over 10,000 icons from AWS, MovieLabs, and more.

AWS Icon Library

Build AWS architecture diagrams.

Image-AWS Icons

100+ AWS Architecture and Resource icons are available for engineers, solution architects, and service teams to easily design cloud storage models, business applications, identity-management solutions, media services, and much more.

  • Simplify technical concepts into easily understandable visuals

  • Create a uniform language to map complex processes and workflows

  • Build architecture diagrams to communicate design, deployment, and topology

MovieLabs Visual Language for Media Creation

Create standardized diagrams for creative workflows.

image - movielabs icon library

This collection includes icons with the needs of Media and Entertainment in mind and depicts concepts most libraries disregard.

  • Enable free-flowing information across production workflows

  • Reduce errors and miscommunication in visual storytelling

  • Execute more effectively with a standardized visual framework

More shapes, symbols, and concepts

Use Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and other icon sets.


Quickly communicate with your team and customers with icons for nearly every need and occasion. With categories like Communication, Interface, Social + Brand, and more, you can harness the power of visual storytelling to convey your vision.

  • Enhance your storytelling and convey complex ideas

  • Visualize concepts and processes to improve brainstorming and planning

  • Search across multiple libraries and swiftly find the visuals you need


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