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Presenting the Bluescape Private Cloud Collaboration Offering


Teams can connect and collaborate knowing that their content is secure and adheres to compliance and regulatory requirements while satisfying GDPR regulations

SAN CARLOS, Calif., April 24, 2018 — Bluescape®, a comprehensive workstream collaboration and digital workplace company, announced today the availability of its new private cloud solution and new workplace tools  – giving users added control, speed and ease in connecting and collaborating across virtual teams.

Bluescape expands its workstream collaboration solution with a new, private cloud offering for companies with the most stringent data protection, management and governance requirements. Financial services, legal, healthcare, government and other highly-regulated organizations can now connect, develop, share and manage sensitive content while meeting compliance and regulatory directives.

Companies adhering to the mandates of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) can also gain improved control and management of their data when teams collaborate on Bluescape. Implementing the private cloud option, organizations are able to execute and demonstrate business transparency while protecting the privacy of all European Union (EU) citizens’ personal information.

“The harsh realization occurs when a company is denied market access or issued steep fines in not meeting compliance or regulatory mandates. A company’s bottom line and corporate reputation takes a debilitating hit,” said Peter Jackson, CEO of Bluescape. “We understand the tremendous pressures companies face. We’re working on new ways organizations can better create, share and manage content for improved efficiencies and control of their data.”

Bluescape offers its private cloud solution as a managed service offering. The single tenant architecture of Bluescape private cloud gives CIOs and IT administrators complete control of the environment with the ability to isolate and manage data, provision and monitor user access and log-in credentials. The increased security controls ensure data is protected and confidentiality is maintained.

“All of our customers work with proprietary data to some degree,” said Andy Markham, vice president of product management at Bluescape. “The private cloud option gives them all the capabilities of our public cloud offering, as well as peace of mind that we’re compliant on the security and data confidentiality fronts.


In addition to our private cloud offering, Bluescape introduced new digital workplace capabilities so teams can work faster by minimizing the steps to do repetitive tasks, search and find content more easily and as well as more flexibility to navigate across the workspace area.

Workspace Search

  • Bluescape expanded its search capabilities to provide more intuitive and efficient search results. Users can search for assets within workspaces and filter the results according to a range of criteria.

Portal 2.0

  • Bluescape adds new functionality and resources to its solutions portal. New security elements increase protection of content and Bluescape environment. Teams can customize and personalize their use of the portal to better fit their needs.

Move Canvas

  • The new Move Canvas feature enables teams to quickly and easily organize groups of content within a workspace. Instead of grouping and moving content piece-by-piece, this feature gives users the ability to select and organize multiple groups of content faster. It also allows users to easily nest separate groups (canvas) together into one group space, having all the content ready for ongoing program work.


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Bluescape® lets distributed teams work more naturally and visually through a persistent, complete contextual view of conversations and content. With our SaaS workstream collaboration and digital workplace solutions, organizations save time and money each week by reducing coordination missteps, confusion, information searching and switching between applications. Teams can meet, share, comment, develop, iterate, and decide faster, with better outcomes and historical record. Founded in 2012, Bluescape is headquartered in San Carlos, California and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Haworth. Visit Bluescape and follow Bluescape on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook.



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